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Have you ever faced an embarrassment when someone glanced at your pants and giggled? You didn’t even notice that your tank leaked in your pocket and cold dribble ran down your legs. The bad news is: Leaking tanks are a reality for vapers. The good news: You can fix the tank leaking 7 Ways to […]

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If you have just switched to vaping, the next thing you will be looking for is a perfect e-liquid. Among many brands available and equally popular, we are discussing here top 10 vaping juice flavors from Halo that are specially made for delivering unforgettable vaping pleasure.

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Following a report submitted by an expert committee, Government of India is mulling to ban e-cigarettes in the country. The committee concluded in its report that e-cigarettes have cancer-causing properties and are highly addictive in nature. They refuted the claims that

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There is nothing wrong in seeking huge vapors our of each vape you inhale. Cloud chasing is something we all vapers love to overwhelm with. Vapers who like to have vivid, robust flavor from a e-cig, suggest hundred ways to you for producing huge clouds. You may have read over hundred articles and how-to posts […]

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vape oens

Whether you are a novice who just have switched to vaping, or a beginner looking to have a comfortable vaping device for riddle free smoking experience, vape pens would be a great choice. Vape pens are the perfect vape companions for the vapors who want solid performance without getting tangled in device fixing.