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Following a report submitted by an expert committee, Government of India is mulling to ban e-cigarettes in the country. The committee concluded in its report that e-cigarettes have cancer-causing properties and are highly addictive in nature. They refuted the claims that

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There is nothing wrong in seeking huge vapors our of each vape you inhale. Cloud chasing is something we all vapers love to overwhelm with. Vapers who like to have vivid, robust flavor from a e-cig, suggest hundred ways to you for producing huge clouds. You may have read over hundred articles and how-to posts […]

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vape oens

Whether you are a novice who just have switched to vaping, or a beginner looking to have a comfortable vaping device for riddle free smoking experience, vape pens would be a great choice. Vape pens are the perfect vape companions for the vapors who want solid performance without getting tangled in device fixing.

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top hookah flavors

Hookah, an innovative smoking devices, was invented by Mughal rulers centuries back, and till today it has been a real craze among the smokers. The device is a water pipe being used to consume sweetened flavored tobacco.

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Joyetech eCom C Vaping Kit Review

Electronic cigarettes industry. With their consistency, quality and innovative approach, they have earned excellent reviews for their e-cig products. Though, company’s every product is trendy and elegant, eCom is the top most and most preferred device that bagged 2014 Red Dot Award for Product Design.

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Innokin, the leading manufacturer of electronic cigarettes vaping kits, e-liquid and other e-cig accessories has announced new InnoCell LiPo battery pack. The product falls somewhere between completely replaceable, cross-compatible batteries and the in-built ones available with regulated box mods.

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Besides growing debate over e-cigarettes’ health concerns, escalating incidents of e-cig explosion are also being reported from the users on many occasions. This brings forth legitimate concerns regarding the safety of e-cigarettes. Though, the cases of explosion are rare, it’s a good idea to adopt a few safety practices to avoid an e-cigarette explosion.