Essential Parts Of An Electronic Cigarette

Team Lovelites Team Lovelites 12 December 2014 Reviews Comment

The modern e-cig devices are very easy to use and handy. They primarily consist of several part the together make the device a perfect tool for vaping anywhere anytime.

Key Components Of An Electronic Cigarette

Electronic Cigaretter Atomizer.

An atomizer is the central component and one among the key parts of an electronic Cigarette. It consists of a small heating element that vaporizes e-liquid. By the definition, the atomizer is the part that turns the liquid into vapor. Most of the atomizers have a heating coil on the bottom and metal mesh on top of this coil. Vaporization occurs when the coil that is in contact with the filler material containing the e-liquid, gets heated.  A slight difference in two atomizers leads to the difference in the ingredients and their concentrations delivered to users. Atomizer resistances usually vary from 1.5Ω  to 3.0Ω from one atomizer to the next. An atomizer contains:

  • Atomizer tank
  • Metal mesh
  • Heating coil
  • Atomizer base with battery thread

Electronic Cigarette Cartomizers.

A cartomizer houses cartridge and atomizer together. Cartridge holds the nicotine liquid. Cartomizers have polyfill  that is wrapped around a heating coil. The polyfill soaks e-juice and allows for longer vape time. When using cartomizer, users needn’t to run around to get a detachable atomizer since the cartomizer is pre-installed with the atomizer and flavored e-juice cartridge. All they need to do is to unscrew the cartomizer and attach a new cartridge. A cartomizer contains:

  • Cartomizer tank
  • Polyfill material
  • Heating coil
  • Cartomizer base with battery thread

Electronic Cigarette Clearomizer.

This is the newest rush in the e-cigarette market. Clearomizers are cylindrical in shape and feature a tank made up of a clear polycarbonate plastic or pyrex glass. A clear tank enables users to observe the level of e-juice inside of a clearomizer. A silica wick is used to deliver   E-juice to the heating coil.  A clearomizer contains:

  • Drip tip
  • Clearomizer tank
  • Wick
  • Clearomizer base with battery thread
  • Heating coil


Electronic Cigarette Battery.

This is another important part of an electronic cigarette. The battery used inside the e-cigs are the lithium batteries that can be charged using a normal cell phone charger. The battery is directly connected to vaporization chamber, a hollow tube that contains electronic controls and an atomizer — the component that creates the vapor. Before the user activates the device, he or she attaches a cartridge containing nicotine liquid to the vaporization chamber. The tip of the cartridge serves as the e-cigarette’s mouthpiece.