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Team Lovelites Team Lovelites 12 December 2014 News Comment

Many take Electronic cigarettes as an experience in itself, while others think of them as a substitute to normal tobacco cigarettes. What i wish to discuss in this post is the later point of view

I have been a smoker myself for over 20 years now. I have quit smoking a couple of times, sometime for just a few weeks, some times for a few months and some times for 3 years.

What you should know is that i don’t smoke tobacco cigarettes any more.

I want to share my experience, as i feel that it can help some of you out there to probably quit smoking and switch to electronic cigarettes.

I know most of us out there don’t understand electronic cigarettes and don’t agree to the fact that they can actually give you an experience which can be really close to smoking a real cigarettes.

I don’t blame any of you out there, because i myself belonged to the same lot a year and a half back.

I got introduced to Electronic Cigarettes about an year and a half back, by a friend and a client from the UK, who dealt in the business of electronic cigarettes and after i tried them for the first time i felt that, there is some logic to this thing,

I started some slow research around this and got in touch with some companies in USA / UK / China to figure out whats really happening in this industry.

I called for some of the best products from the best Brand out there BLU , NJOY, Elites etc from and tried what ever they had to offer. I figured out that if you have the right hardware (E-cigarettes) and the right juice you can actually replicate the actual cigarette smoking experience and literally say BYE BYE to normal cigarettes.

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**** Just reminding you that i was not smoking for almost 2 years then ****

So i researched more, both around the different type of hardware and juices from all around the world to find that perfect experience i was looking for, and with 8 months given to this industry, i tasted over 300 juices and tried almost 100 E-cig hardware and Voila i found just what i was looking for.

I had left tobacco cigarettes a long time back, but I have always felt that something was missing in my lifestyle and with E-Cigarettes i got that back in my life.

Lovelites as a service is a by product of this research that i went through in search for that perfect experience of cigarette smoking,

Whatever you see at Lovelites has actually been tested and experienced before it goes live on the website. Our aim is to bring to you the best stuff out there when it comes to Electronic Cigarettes.