How To Prevent E-Cigarettes From Explosion?

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Besides growing debate over e-cigarettes’ health concerns, escalating incidents of e-cig explosion are also being reported from the users on many occasions. This brings forth legitimate concerns regarding the safety of e-cigarettes.

Though, the cases of explosion are rare, it’s a good idea to adopt a few safety practices to avoid an e-cigarette explosion.

Especially newcomers to the vaping world should educate themselves on the best ways to avoid any sort of mechanical malfunction, especially those that could result in an explosion. Here are some points that will keep you away from explosion scare.

Go Branded

Relying on substandard or little known e-cigarette brands could lead to the explosion. Devices, mainly manufactured in China are reportedly involved in these explosions. Most of the lesser known brands are manufactured with little or no quality checks and under substandard manufacturing conditions. So, whenever you purchase your e-cigarette, go with some renowned and trusted brands. Buying branded device may be expensive but will help you to prevent e-Cigarettes from explosion.

Read The Instructions

Most of us leave the e-cig user instructions unattended. The instruction manual reads in detail the ways to prevent accidental fire due to electronic cigarettes. Spend a few minutes to read the instructions quoted in the manual. It will not only keep you safe but also improve your device’s durability.

How To Prevent E-Cigarettes From Explosion?

Avoid Atomizer Overheating

I have seen a good number of vapers hold the button down for long. The permitted time one should consider for holding the button down shouldn’t be more than five seconds. Holding the button down excessively could lead to atomizer overheating.  Chain vaping also likely to increase chances of atomizer overheating. If you’re using electronic cigarettes heavily, your device may become somewhat warm. If it happens, set the devices down for a while. You should also keep the device away from flammable objects.

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Keep The Device Away  From Water

Unlike conventional cigarettes, vaping kits can easily be damaged with  water.  The damage could lead to device malfunction, or even the sparks. The situation may ignite a fire. So, keep your device clear of wet and watery situations to remain safe.