Top Hookah Flavors For Smokers

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top hookah flavors

Hookah, an innovative smoking devices, was invented by Mughal rulers centuries back, and till today it has been a real craze among the smokers. The device is a water pipe being used to consume sweetened flavored tobacco.

It’s also known as Shisha. Despite several health hazards reported due to hookah consumption, this is a popular time pass for smokers, specially, youth. The device comes in several sizes, flavors and under brand names. Here is the list of some popular hookah flavors that deliver incredible throat hit and produce great smoke.

Double Apple Hookah Flavor:

This is the best flavor among all and delivers a soothing smooth flavor. No other flavor can compete its flavor that produces pleasant and soft aroma. For hookah beginners, double apple flavor is an unmissable flavor that dispenses dense smoke and giving a taste of eating delicious sweet juicy apples. When it’s mixed with mixed with banana its taste turns even amazing.


As name implies, double apple flavor comprises an exotic blend of green and red apple flavor together. Currently, the hookah market has many big players such as Al Fakher, Starbuzz and Fumari etc. Thus, selection becomes tougher sometimes. But if you are new to the hookah, double apple will be best to start with.

Mint Hookah Flavor:

If looking for a refreshing and amazingly rejuvenating hookah flavor, mint can be your right choice. It’s popular for a chill and breezy taste among hookah lovers. Though mint hookah flavor is not considered too strong but successfully delivers a pleasant taste and a minted minted aroma.

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Its effect multiplies if mixed with the other flavors. A hookah lover must include mint, as it is advised to apply mint under the chief flavor underneath. Mint can easily be mixed with mix with any other flavor for fetching lighter and smoother taste. The smoke it forms is thick and puffy.

Vanilla Hookah Flavor:

Vanilla is another hookah flavor popular among smokers for its awesome taste and aroma. This flavor produces a very soft smoke unlike other flavors.


The flavour is delicious in taste and the best for enriching any other flavor. In order to get more blends and delicious, the flavor can be easily mixed with apple, grape, orange and other flavors.

Pan Rasna Hookah Flavor:

The Pan Rasna flavor is the best substitute for the people who love to have pan. The pan flavor gives a very soothing taste and a solid throat hit.


The flavor is a mix of many fruity essences such as cherry, pomegranate etc. It also contains a slight essence of mint that improvises its overall flavor. If you’re looking for a flavor that gives a very sweet and refreshing aroma, pan rasna hookah falavor is something you may go for.