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Batteries and Chargers

Batteries and Chargers

Lovelites Offers an innovative range of batteries and chargers from some of the best brands that you can rely on for your vaping kits requirements. Some of big names are samsung, nitecore, Xtar and more.

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30T 21700-3000mAh Battery New

Realz Wall Charger
Brand : Realz

Rs588.82 Ex Tax: Rs499.00

Q2 Quick Charger New

Nitecore Q2 Quick Charger
Brand : Nitecore

Rs1,950.00 Ex Tax: Rs1,652.54

New I4 IntelliCharger New

Nitecore New I4 IntelliCharger
Brand : Nitecore

Rs2,250.00 Ex Tax: Rs1,906.78

SC2 Super Charger New

Nitecore SC2 Super Charger
Brand : Nitecore

Rs3,600.00 Ex Tax: Rs3,050.85

Q4 Quick Charger New

Nitecore Q4 Quick Charger
Brand : Nitecore

Rs2,500.00 Ex Tax: Rs2,118.64

SC4 Super Charger New

Nitecore SC4 Super Charger
Brand : Nitecore

Rs4,400.00 Ex Tax: Rs3,728.81

V2 In-Car Charger New

Nitecore V2 In-Car Charger
Brand : Nitecore

Rs2,900.00 Ex Tax: Rs2,457.63

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