Al Fakher Hookah Flavors

Al Fakher is based at UAE. The company is in the business of manufacturing wide range of exquisite hookah tobacco flavors since 1999. These flavors are made of finest tobaccos and are perfectly soaked with exquisite European flavor. This combination therefore creates a rich smoking experience for hookah lovers. Following are some of the finest flavors from Al Fakher.

Apple :

Al Fkaher's Apple Hookah flavor is made of Crisp apple overload and rich shisha. The flavor that mesmerizes your senses. The flavor carries a lovely taste soaked with sweetness of apple. Experience the rich Egyptian tobacco flavor in the best way possible.


The Al-Fakhar banana flavor tastes like a nice sweet candy banana. The flavor is made up by combining sun-dried herbal mixes, molasses, and real fruit. This is to ensure a smooth smoke and distinguished taste every time you smoke.


Al Fakhar Blueberry flavor offers thick, milky clouds. Made up of organic ingredients and delivers a complete delightful experience of subtle fruity flavors.


Al Fakher apricot flavor is made from the finest tobaccos available. The stuff is infused with exquisite European flavor infusions in order to develop a rich, impeccable, full smoking experience for hookah enthusiast.

Black Grape:

Al Fakher is the latest inclusion in the list of available flavors. The flavor is produced using a unique blend of the finest Virginian tobacco from the leading tobacco producers. Black grape flavor produces huge amounts of smoke from small amount of heat. This is a great flavor that offers an incredible smoking experience.

Bubble Gum:

Relish Hookah smoking experience with Al Fakher Bubble gum hookah flavor. This is the natural flavor without tobacco, tar or nicotine. This flavor is far better if compared with any other Tobacco flavor you have ever tested. The flavor is manufactured with non tobacco herbal material.


The cappuccino flavor is known for delivering the clouds that are huge and fluffy. They last over an hour. It tenders amazing taste with hints of chocolate and a little bit of nutty-ness. It's a great coffee flavor if you like a little sweetness with it.


A fresh cherry flavor which is when blended with authentic French tobacco leaves, create a great, refreshing and unique taste. Smokers sometimes mix the flavor with strong apple and light peach flavored shishas to prepare new improved version of the flavor. Robust flavor experience with uncommon flavors.

Blue Mist:


Finest hookah flavor from the Al Fakher. Being one of the smoothest flavors you have ever tried, this refined hookah flavor tenders the taste of cotton candy and produces with a thick flavorful smoke that lasts for longer duration. Blue Mist has a very sweet Blueberry with touch of mint in the after taste. With this incredible flavor, you'll for sure achieve a relaxing smoking session.


Blackberry flavor creates enough sweetness and a pleasant smoke. If have cravings for blackberries, you should check out this flavor. The flavor would be perfect for smoking on a back deck, and sipping an ice cold glass of sweet tea.

Black grape:

Al Fakher black grape flavor produces good amount of smoke from a relatively small amount of heat. This is an incredible shisha flavor that offers a complete smoke smoking experience compared with other super-sugary brands.

Blue Acid:

Blue acid Hookah offers the same premium taste, smell and smoking experience that made Al -Fakher the most recognized brand. A flavor you would never forget in your lifetime.

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