5 Innovative Vaping Apps You Should Install Now

Team Lovelites Team Lovelites 22 November 2018 Vape Reviews Comment

The first response that title raises: app for vape!!  That’s true.It’s about vaping apps that will make your vaping experience easier. The post indeed isn’t about ideas how to vape through apps, but how you can learn more about different vaping things to customize your overall vaping experience.

Usually vape apps can be segmented into following categories:

A General Vape App:

They are general apps that work by offering vapers a way out to find the nearest vape store, converse with the vaping community, or explore more about different mods and kits.

Ohm’s Law Calculators:

The app seems handy for vapers using sub-ohm vaping. The app helps them having a better understanding of Ohm’s law. While vaping, it’s sometimes come crucial to know how to control its voltage, resistance, and current. It eventually impact your vape sessions.

Stop Smoking Apps:

As the name suggests, these apps guide you through various ways to quick smoking and switch to vaping. Most smoking apps give you insights into for how many days you’ve been smoke free, the money you’ve saved, or even the health benefits you’re experiencing.

E-Juice Calculator Apps:

It’s pretty simple. These apps tell you more about which ejuice to opt for and in what strength.

Innovative Vaping Apps for Vapers

Here is the Lovelites’ list of top recommended vaping apps:

1. E-Liquid Calculator (Android Only):

When you have abundant e-liquid choices, you need a guide who could tell you which flavor to choose and in what amount. Thanks to the e-liquid calculator that has been helping vapers to customize their experience since long.

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The app provides a simple calculator that tells you about e-juice mixing. The app helps you big time if you lack at creating savory flavors. The app comes with few options that make it an easy going app for newbie vapers.

For experienced vapers, the app brings a few advanced features for more e-liquid customizations. With the advanced calculator features, vapers can tweak the base nicotine, target e-liquid quantity, and more.

2. E-Liquid Recipes Online Calculator (for iOS only):

Like its Android counterpart, the E-Liquid Recipes Online Calculator has feature that helps vapers to prepare juice mixes on the basis of ingredients such as the desired strength, water/vodka/PGA amount, and so on.  The app contains a section for entering any notes regarding the mix itself and special instructions.

3. QuitNow:

The app, as name implies helps smokers quit smoking and switch to vaping.  The app allows you access to a range of pretty awesome features that a stop smoking app should have.  The insights it gives include:

  • Days without smoking
  • Number of cigarettes you’ve not smoked
  • Amount of money saved
  • Time saved by not smoking

The app is of a great help if you are determined to quit. It further empowers with many benefits of living a smoke free life. App’s health meter assigns a percentage to your body’s condition.  The feedback it returns to you helps to make the entire process of quit smoking innovative.

The app comprises a health section that breaks down of how your body is benefiting from your decision of quit smoking.  The app then assigns an overall percentage to how your body improved after quitting.  This app is available for free on Android and iOS.

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