5 Vape Mods Features You Should Check Before Buying One

Team Lovelites Team Lovelites 27 April 2018 Vaping Kits Comment

Vape mods are modified electronic cigarettes that vapers lately unearthed to customize their vaping experience the way they needed. Seeing the burgeoning popularity of mods, e-cig makers started mass production of these devices. Vape Mods are now widely available in a wide range of shapes with a number of noteworthy features.

Why Vape Mods are Popular?

Well! Vapers have different opinion on why they go for mods.

Despite intricacies of their advanced features, vapers love the look, size and vibe of a mod. Mods may offer higher power range during vape if compared to a standard e-cig and can be used with low resistance atomizers. That eventually leads to more vapor and dense smoke.

Vape Mods are built with a range of advanced features that offer more control over the vaping experience.  For instance, some vape mode even allows vapers to adjust the speed at which the coil heats up. Mods come packed with ultra-durable and long lasting battery. They typically last much longer between charges.

Key Features of a Vape Mod:

Vape mods / e-cig mods are loaded with noteworthy features. Therefore, while choosing a mod, do some research to find features you will like the most.

Here is a brief tear down:  

1. Power Range / Variable Wattage-

Most mods are available with variable wattage (VW) that vapers can adjust. Power setting is the primary feature that you should think about while picking your mod. Moderate vapers usually go for different wattage selections since most of them don’t need anything especially high in power.

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2. Temperature Control-

Temperature control is another prominent feature of mods. Temperature control allows vapers to set a specific temperature for vaping instead of using a specific wattage. Temperature control settings help vapers avoid “dry puffs” and get the best flavors out of their e-liquids.

Mods basically have nickel, titanium or stainless steel coils to support temperature control feature. However, before buying one, it’s recommended to check if your mod support Temperature control feature.

3. Output Mode

Usually mods don’t offer too many output options. These features are limited to wattage mode, temperature control mode and sometimes “bypass” mode. On the contrary, some vape mods support additional output options as well.

There are usually two output modes available in mods, soft and hard. When output setting is set to “soft”, it gives vapers a gentler puffing, and choosing “hard” gives you a harder-hitting vape.

Most vapers go for “norm”. You may, however, opt for extra options for more controlled vaping experience.

4. Coil Detection

Whenever you change your tank or atomizer, chances are the resistance of the coil you’re using will change too. This is because your mod needs to recognize the coil resistance of the new coil so that the wattage setting should accurate for your current coil.

Many mods don’t recognize the resistance automatically. Instead, you’re required to press a button or choose a menu option to change the resistance. However, mods that offer automatic coil resistance detraction are known to be the best devices. They detect the change automatically and display a message onscreen asking if you’ve attached a new coil.

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5. “Pass through” Charging

The “Pass through” charging feature allows you using your device even if you’re charging the battery. This is pretty useful for ardent vapers. Such vapers never have to go without something to vape while the battery is charging. In pass through mode, mods take longer to charge, and in most of the cases the impact on charging time will be limited.