6 Electronic Cigarette Myths and What They Up To

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Electronic Cigarette Myths

Despite growing acceptance of e-cigs among youth, its impact on society and health is still under fierce debate. Several researches and studies have already proved that e-cigs are far less harmful than traditional cigarettes and could be a better alternative to them.

Electronic Cigarette Myths and What They Up To

Still, we quite often read fabricated stories and exaggerated claims about e-cigs and their impact on health and society. They are nothing but frivolous campaigns designed to demean vaping kits / electronic cigarette devices. Whatever has been said or is being said about electronic cigarettes is half-backed truth and total myth.

If you’re new to electronic cigarettes, don’t get carried away by false stories. Do your own research to find if those rumors have any substance. The article here is an attempt to educate you about electronic cigarettes and debunk the various myths associated with them.

  1. Electronic Cigarette is a Tobacco Product:

The first and foremost rumor about the e-cigarettes is that they are tobacco product. They contain nicotine to offer vapers (and not smokers) a pleasurable vaping experience. E- Liquid is the main ingredient inside the device that is a perfect mix of water, vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol, flavoring, and nicotine. This is in contrast with traditional cigarette butts with tobacco being the main element with 600 chemical soaked ingredients. Of these, 69 are known for causing cancer and other deadly ailments.

  1. They Are More Addictive than Traditional Cigarettes

It’s absolutely false.

Although, some of the e-liquids contain nicotine, primarily an addictive substance, vapers are free to choose their nicotine level while buying the e-liquid. There are e-liquids available even without the nicotine. Therefore, it’s ultimately your choice what’s the level of nicotine you want to go with. If you feel like experiencing nicotine addiction, you can switch to liquids with less nicotine or without nicotine…Period.

  1. e-Cigarettes are Explosive:

This is the next myth to be debunked.

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Electronic cigarettes or vaping kits are not as explosive as your smartphones. If used with utmost care and in the way its user manual dictates, they do not pose threat to explode in your hand or pocket. To keep yourself safe from explosions, adhere to manufacturer’s guidelines while using mods, external batteries and resistance. Most of the cases of explosions happen due to low maintenance of devices and poor storage practices of batteries.

  1. They Lead to Long-term Health Issues

This happens to be another most popular myth about electronic cigarettes. The fact is opposite to what is actually said. E-cigarettes can offer long-term relief from ailments like asthma, blood pressure and allergies. Several research papers and studies have been conducted so far that show e-cigs can reverse the negative impact of tobacco smoke on lung functions, allergies and asthma symptoms.

  1. Nicotine Causes Cancer:

We suggest you not to give ears to such rumors. They have no substance at all. The fact of the matter is that Nicotine doesn’t contain carcinogen which is the main cause of cancer. Moreover, there have been no proofs yet that could link nicotine and cancer.

  1. e-Cigs Encourage Kids to Smoke

That’s absolutely false. E-Cigs manufactures and vendors take all measures to keep kids and underage children away from buying electronic cigarettes. They properly label warnings, encourage retailers to check identification of customers, and validate age prior to transacting online purchases from buyers. Moreover, electronic cigarettes are expensive up to many hundred dollars therefore they can hardly be purchased by kids.