6 Ways To Get Better Flavor From Your E-Cigarette?

Team Lovelites Team Lovelites 19 July 2017 Vape Reviews Comment

There is nothing wrong in seeking huge vapors our of each vape you inhale. Cloud chasing is something we all vapers love to overwhelm with. Vapers who like to have vivid, robust flavor from a e-cig, suggest hundred ways to you for producing huge clouds. You may have read over hundred articles and how-to posts to creating humongous amounts of vapor, but far fewer on how to get the best taste out of your e-juice.

Besides, whatever you have learned so far, we are recounting here some of the best tips how you can be a ideal flavor chaser. Read on.

1. Adjust Wattage and Temperature Settings:

You can make some small changes in the device settings to improve your e-cig flavors. Different settings are required to get various flavoring notes. This is because flavorings vaporize differently on different temperatures, and it eventually depends on how you tweak settings to heat up coils. This is the reason why vapers using variable voltage/variable wattage device enjoy the varied flavors every puff.

What we recommend is to start at low settings and raise the bar until you hit the spot. Experiment with each flavor as they produce their best on different temperature. You need to be right with your choice. Start at low advance upward gradually.

2. Reduce Your Airflow:

If you’re one in love with cloud chasing, big airflow is something you always look at. In case of big airflow, a lot of air passes through the coil that eventually results in dense clouds. What however is disappointing is that big airflow reduces the flavor as well. Therefore, if you love being high on flavor intake, understand to adjust the airflow. This way only you can have denser, warmer vape with a lot more flavor.

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While vaping, it’s important to getting the right balance of airflow. So, to get the best flavor, start low and adjust the airflow settings until you reach the ideal balance for your flavor taste.

3. Choose Atomizer Wisely:

Your atomizer plays a significant role in choosing the amount of flavor you need. Though, choosing an atomizer is vapers’ personal reference, there are some standard rules you can follow to get the best flavor of your choice.

Let’s start with top-coil clearomizers. They have atomizer head placed at top of the central stem. Therefore, wicks are required to work more against gravity to soak the eliquid. This results in poor flavor since clearomizers don’t wick efficiently.

Other one is bottom-coil clearomizer which can be better in terms of delivering smooth and best flavor. In these clearomizers the coil is located at the bottom of the central stem, thus wicks don’t have to work against the gravity and suck the eliquid to the coil.

Next comes the sub-ohm tanks that support coils under one ohm in resistance. They boost vapor production and flavor in comparison to two explained above.On the contrary, many flavor-chasing vapers use rebuildable atomizers for for ultimate vaping experience. If you’ve no problem with making you own coil, you can definitely choose them.

4. Selection Of Wicking and Coil Materials:

The material, wicks are made of, is also crucial for flavor taste. Ideally, e-cigarette wicks are made of silica. But, as they mute the flavor of e-liquid, manufactures have started using cotton as cotton for the Wicking material. Currently, organic cotton is the top choice for making wicks, though, other choices as well are available for cotton wicks. Including Japanese cotton wicks that deliver very clean and robust flavor from your e-liquids.

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Besides Wicking materials, wire is another important element of an atomizer that helps in making flavor bit better. For vapers having inclination for huge vapers, kanthal is the most widely used coil material for clean and natural flavor from your e-liquid.

5. Go for Higher PG Juice:

As time passes, vapers get passionately indulged with their preferences for the PG / VG ratio of the juices they use. People who prefer humongous clouds usually go with high VG juices, as they tend to produce thicker vapor and bigger clouds.

Though VG is almost tasteless, it carries slight touch of sweetness. This is why concentrated flavorings are usually made up of using PG, not VG. So, for best Eliquid flavors, you should generally choose higher PG juices. However, what could be disappointing is that choosing too high a PG ration can make vaping too harsh on your throat.

6. Keep Your Wicks, Coils and Tanks Clean:

To experience the best flavor out of your e-liquid keep your wicks and coils clean and fresh. It doesn’t mean that you have to clean and sanitize your coil after every flavor change. It’s better to get it done after a day or two of use. You can also occasionally rinse pre-made atomizer heads to improve the flavor and extend the lifespan.

Do some basics when rinsing the device. Disassemble your clearomizer, rinse the components in hot water and place them at dry place for sometime for at least 24 hours.