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The easiest way to describe a vape pod is as ‘a system somewhere between an electronic cigarette and a mod.’ Most vapers begin with a cheap and cheerful vape pen which is inexpensive, discreet, and portable.

Unfortunately, one of the component pens is not powerful enough and don’t run on a full battery. The user can upgrade to a Fancy Box Mod, where the conglomeration of coils, flashing lights and buttons are just a flimsy attachments. On the other hand, you are just looking for a smoke.

Whenever, someone needs to learn about Vape Pod, and then one might get lots of information about it. As most of the time people are not aware of the quality and size of the vaping device. If one is looking for a knowledge then referring to, an expert is right thing to do. This is why people end up purchasing an inferior quality of vape pen. It does cost less, is discreet and most Important thing is portable. Pen is not effective and therefore causes lots of pain to the consumer.

Through “A pod system “the user is able to satisfy the urge in a much better and healthier manner. A two form of action is completed-1) one enjoys the profitability of a vape Pen.2) a powerful battery of box mod. One can know that using of a pod instead of an atomizer or tank is in action.

The Vape Pod holds the E-Liquid and later on vaporizes it and through the mouthpiece a user inhales the vapor.

The overall capacity of mouthpiece to hold the liquid part of Vape Juice is approximately 2ml. Although, the user can also get a bigger Vape pod depending on their preference.

The remainder of the pod is quite similar to an E-Cigarette, as it also contains a moderate form of a powerful battery. This does vary in size and also resemble a USB stick and only a few or handful companies have actually been making models looking like a box mod.
Now, let’s know more about Open and Closed Pods –

Open System Vape Pod:

If the user is using these devices, it will not be a tough thing to refill the juice by you. There are multiple forms of flavor, sizes and overall strengths of the nicotine. Most of the users have said that, Open System Pod actually delivers a smoother form of the experience and does deliver a better quality of vapor, satisfying the user needs to the fullest. Lower version of the Pod Design means that unwanted form of attention is not required. It is due to the presence of one button.

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Even the pricing of this Pod is quite less, in comparison to the other brands and sizes.
It also has a contrasting side too. Like in the case of re-filling the E-liquid manually, the concerned person faces a lot of problems. Other things include – replacing the coils and putting a new cartridge with post some uses of it.

The user will not have any difficulty in making the user’s preferred flavors inside the Vape Pod. Simple reason for this is the inclusion of a small battery size. Automatically, means that much usage is not possible post a single charge.

Closed System Vape pod-

The working of the Vape Pod in a closed system works similarly to cartomizer for a ciglike device. All the pre-filled cartridges are present and this becomes a convenient matter for the actual user. Normal form of use and throw activity is required inside the Closed System of Vape Pod.

Most of the sellers in the market are actually catering to users requiring pre-filled refills having varied form of Nicotine strengths. Cartridges of this are present in multiple packs. This category of Vape Pod is also charged reasonably, user-friendly and does not call for much work in the maintenance. It is so because one does not have to clean the tank or replace the coils present inside.

It does include a limited form of selection of the nicotine level and flavors, while making a comparison with its counterpart.

There are many people who have complaints about the device being talked upon. It is so because of a 1) weak draws; & 2) users reporting of spitbacks. This takes place, when the liquid is bounced of the coil and rather than getting vaporized.

Advantages of a Vape Pod system:

Now, one should also learn about the Advantages of a Vape Pod System-

No Learning Curve: 

Each and every Vape Pods being designed is actually very easy to learn and then operate in a usual pen manner. The pods come in and out of the battery section and most have just one operating switch. The user is banking on pre-refilled cartridges just needs to start the Pod and then start the vaping procedure.


The user making use of a Vaping Pod does not have to worry about moving it from one place to them. One can easily move from one place to the vaping with gay abandon. In fact, the largest of Vape Pods are much smaller in comparison to the average size of the Box Mod.

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Discreet : 

The outcome of the Vapor can be easily controlled with the help of Vape Mod. As the overall size of the Vape Pod is pretty small, one can easily place it inside the pocket or conceal it into the hand.


The makers of the Vape Pod manufactured by even multinational companies are available in the market at a very reasonable rate. User looking for i should not have a dubious thought about opting for it. As it is certainly going to be a cheaper product in comparison to the tobacco cigarettes and the user will be saving a lot of money.

Strong Nicotine Kick:

The user should make sure of using average sub-ohm tank, if the user is using E-Liquids containing 3 to 6 mg of nicotine. For an experience guy, this percentage is quite less. So, the user is advised to look for a Vape Pod with nicotine salts a then a user will have a blast of nicotine as you want. On the other hand, user can also have cartridges of more than 50 mg. Even then the Vaper is said to be still receiving a smooth form of throat hit.

Leak Proof:

The problem of such nature erupts in those cartridges which is pre-filled. At times, it is seen that Vaping Devices with customary type of tanks are also displaying problems related to leakages. The users must be told that if you are opting for Vaping Mod system, then all these problems will not be a thing to be considered at all.

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