For Best Vaping Experience: Take Expert’s Guidance!

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In the beginning, the Vaper needs to not just pause and take a deep breath. Now, move ahead with the right kind of selection procedure as guided by the Experts or the Professionals.

Pin-pointing On the Flavour:

The professional’s primary aim is to first of all recommend or suggest the Vaper to, first of all, pinpoint the flavour. Other things following it like – Nicotine Strength, amount of Vapour coming out, Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG) ratio, quality of the Vape Juice do also matter.

Having said this, the overall selection of the flavour is of strategic importance. The flavours which in general are said to be good or popular are – Cosmic Fog Child’s Tobaco, Black Note Sonata Cavandish Flag, Cuttwood Tobacco Trail, Halo Turkish Tobacco.

If the psychologist’s version is to be moved ahead with, then it states that – a Vaper is having a higher percentage of selecting the flavour that tastes quite similar to “Tobacco”. Now, many manufacturers of the E-Liquids have also gone through the psychologists report and have started tweaking the taste.

This is where interacting with the expert first is the right procedure. As now, refined type of knowledge will be provided and the vaper will be getting many satisfactory results.

Try Out Innovated Flavors:

With the passage of time, everyone is looking for a change and there is nothing wrong in it. If this is not done then, a monotonous form of behaviour will settle and nothing will improve. So, the experts conduct surveys and present their readings in the form of formal reports or findings.

It is these kinds of studies which can assist the “Vaper” in gaining knowledge and trying for the new flavours. The best part of following this procedure is to not just get a variety but also stay away from the harmful agents.

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It is because most of the manufactures only duplicate the same thing and present in a new form. Resulting in the duping of the Vaper and the essence of Vaping ends in shambles.

One should not get startled with the “best eliquid flavours” as all of them are not necessarily authentic or genuine. The connoisseurs are the best one to advise you for the new flavours and also keep you away from “harm’s way”.

It is always advised especially to the people who think going a bit out of the way is not going to be a harmful activity. This is just a childish form of thought because if the experiment of trial ends up bad, then probably you would stop “Vaping” and get back to “Tobacco Smoking”. Which was never the point since inception?

Proportion of Nicotine:

In this section, the intervention of the expert is to educate the “Vaper” about the right proportion of the “Nicotine Strength”. As unless the concerned person is not getting the kick, then he or she is bound to get back to the “Tobacco Smoking”. 

The expert’s version of the Proportion of Nicotine is –

  1. 1. Low – In this club, the Vaper will receive 6mg and below the ratio of the Nicotine. It is for those smokers that consume 10 cigarettes or less on a daily basis.
  2. Medium – In this club, the Vaper receives 9mg to 16mg of the Nicotine. This is best for average smokers. People consuming approximately half a pack of “Tobacco Cigarettes” per day do form a part of this segment.
  3. High – This club means that the Vaper is going to get an intake of 18 mg to 36 mg of the Nicotine. It is being advised especially for heavy smokers. Those are seen with a tobacco cigarette most of the time of the day.

Most of the people always let the wrong sets of ideas and thoughts to get settled in their minds. It is this habit which becomes the reason for an expert’s intervention.

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Unless the proper form of guidance is not given, the primary concept of “Vaping” is going to get squashed. Post seeing the condition of the person being talked about, a necessary form of suggestion is provided.

Testing Before Use:

As experienced and responsible experts, one would love to draw the attention of the “Vaper” to some necessary points. The points are mentioned below-

  1. Never get foxed with the multiple options available in the market.
  2. Irrespective of whether you are a first-timer or an experienced one, testing the “Vape Juice” is always the correct option.

It should be kept in mind before the purchase is being made by the concerned person. Many times, the users have also mentioned that the taste of the “Mango Vape Juice” is quite different from the one brand to another.

In this context a clear form of distinction is necessary. The experts also suggest that a user should also understand that the percentage of Nicotine strength will vary. So, it means that based on the taste factor Nicotine has to be monitored.


The objective of the article is to remove the customary form of selecting the Vape Juice. Once, the reader goes through the complete article then, a simple yet different understanding will be received.

Now, the reader will know more about the Vape Juice – the procedure of making it different, the suggestion to try new flavours and how to proceed?, valuing to the proportion of the Nicotine, ingredients creating the magic, advise testing the vape juice.