Cosmic Fog E-liquids Review: 5 Flavors For This Week

Team Lovelites Team Lovelites 4 September 2018 Vape Reviews Comment

Vapers tend to taste new flavor combinations and excitingblends whenever they get a chance. Cosmic Fog understands their cravings of outstanding flavors, thus manufacture wide variety of gourmet juices with unique flavor pairings. Cosmic Fog is one of the most renowned and longest serving US e juice vendors. In the article, we are going to rate down some of the finest flavors and blends that Cosmic Fog proudly makes and sells.

Top 5 Cosmic Fog E-liquids Review

1. Milk and Honey:

Ask vapers about their obvious choice from Cosmic Fog’s line up, they would name Milk and Honey. The product is the premium and most popular product from Cosmic Fog eLiquid range. The flavor usually disappoints beginners as it misses the softness they need while switching the original smoke. For relentless and experienced vapers, it tastes sweet but doesn’t really taste like milk and honey as it is named after. This is a smooth e-liquid with a honey aftertaste, though, lacks the genuine milkiness the company boasts of. SHOP NOW

2. Kryptonite:

As Cosmic Fog elaborates the flavor on their portal, the eLiquid is a sweet and refreshing blend of cool melon paired with your favorite candy. Its floral aftertaste feels like drinking a shot of perfume. Frankly, the product appears to be one mixed with menthol candy with a strong lavender-like perfume taste. So, if you have cravings for refreshing taste of watermelon with a hint of menthol, Kryptonite is indeed your cup of tea. SHOP NOW

3. The Shocker:

A flavor that’s pretty strong to your throat. This is another summery fruit blend from the house of Cosmic Fog. It tastes like fruit salads made of strawberry, Apple and mango. For fruit fans, the juice brings a delightful experience of tasting nice glass of real lemonade mixed with savory fruit salads. SHOP NOW

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4. Sonrise:

This is another eLiquid that’s perfectly made with new Sonset dessert finish. The primary ingredient of Sonrise is passion fruit that’s known for its soar and harsh throat hit. Being the dominant flavor, company has picked it as the base of the recipe. Its passion fruit assimilates a perfect blend of pineapple and kiwi to accentuate the main flavor without reducing the original flavor. Diversify the vaping experience with Sonrise eLiquid. SHOP NOW

5. Tropic Splash:

Cosmic Fog E-liquids Review:

Cosmic Fog’s Tropic Splash has consistently been the top performer among company’s e-liquid line up. The blend is known for some of the tastiest and highest-quality e-juices recommended and used by ace vapers. This evergreen flavor provides vapers genuinely delightful vaping experience.  Tropical splash flavor is truly remarkable and tasted incredibly mouthwatering. Tropical Splash e-juice is a perfect blend of carefully-selected assortment of fresh tropical fruits with a flawless balance between sweet Hawaiian pineapples, exotic passion fruit, and juicy oranges. SHOP NOW