Evolution of Pod Systems: A New Way to Vape

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Pods are the next big device to hit the vaping world. There are many reasons why Vapers are more inclined to big size vaping hardware nowadays. A bigger device extends the duration of vaping without needing to charge the device frequently. But, Pod systems have changed this experience too with portable, simple and satisfying vaping experience for vaping community.

What are Pod Systems?

As name implies, pod systems are a kind of e-cigarettes with few differences. Unlike a traditional vaping device, pod systems don’t have a traditional tank or atomizer. Instead of a conventional atomizer, they hold the e-liquid and vaporize it to deliver vapor to you through the mouthpiece. Most pod systems carry smaller capacity than most tanks, at between 1 and 2 ml.

Open vs Closed Pods:

Pods are segmented in two ways on the basis of how they function.  A closed pod functions like a cartomizer in an e-cigarette. Closed pods come packed with e-liquid and it isn’t refillable. Like disposable e-cigs, they are put into the bin when it’s done. They are easier to use but offer limited choice of e-liquids.

Closed pods are like traditional cartomizers where you can put different e-liquid flavors whenever you want. Though, closed pods are more flexible for use, they can’t hold the taste if used with higher-VG e-juices. Therefore, it’s suggested that they should be used with 50/50 blends that have fairly high nicotine levels.

Pod Systems and Nicotine Salt E-Liquids:

Arrival of pod systems erupted controversies as it contained high-strength e-liquids that use nicotine salt instead of the usual nicotine that’s used in most e-liquids. For example, the JUUL pods use 59 mg/ml strength e-liquid, which is incredibly high.

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Because, pod systems tend to produce less vapor than mods, it’s fairly a practice by vapers to use nicotine salts with pod systems. Despite the fact, higher-nicotine e-liquids that don’t use nicotine salts can also deliver a satisfying vaping experience.

Benefits of Pod Systems:

Now, as you have learned what a pod system is all about, it’s time to settle on many of the benefits they offer. Here we are listing some noteworthy benefits of pod systems:

They are compact:

If compared with most modern vaping devices, Pod systems are much more compact. This is why the pod systems are first choice for the vapers who frequently vape on move. Though, pods come in variety of sizes, the bigger ones are more compact than most mods.

They are Easy to Use:

Pod systems are designed in a way so that they can be used easily. Many of the pod systems pop in and out of the battery section just like e-cigs. To starts vape, all you need to do is inhale to vape. Refilling liquid in pod systems is fairly easy.

They are Affordable:

Even though you may find variation in the cost of pods, overall they are affordable. These pods are cheaper than many of the mods available in the vaping marketplace. Some pods have similar price to vape pens.

Satisfying vaping Experience:

Though, very much cigalikes in terms of their size, they offer more satisfying vaping experience than conventional e-cigs. If you’re using higher-strength e-liquids or very high strength nicotine salt options, pods may amaze you with their throat hit and vapor production.

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Downsides of Pod Systems:

Though, they are fairly popular, pod systems aren’t the right device for everyone. There are occasions when you might think that these devise aren’t made for you. The small batteries of the device are the bigger turn-off. Despite the fact that they are compact in size due to smaller batteries, they can’t hold of longer vaping durations. If you’re using a lower-strength e-juice, you’ll probably see battery being drained out so quickly.

Eliquids containing high quantities of VG don’t go well with pod system devices. And these devices are even not very much able to give vapers cloud chasing experience.