On World No Tobacco Day, Experts Backed E-Cigs for Fighting Cancer

Team Lovelites Team Lovelites 1 June 2018 News Comment
Electronic Cigarettes

On the occasion of World Tobacco Day, health experts from all over the world gathered in Guwahati. The agenda was to discuss deteriorating global health indices and ways to tackle it. Along with discussing many issues related to health and hygiene, they seemed united on one more pertinent topic, vaping.

They collectively suggested that electronic cigarettes are the more trustworthy and tested option currently available to reduce the risk of cancer in smokers.

A senior professor in the department of biochemistry at the North-Eastern Hill University in Shillong, R N Sharan said that switching to electronic cigarettes from traditional smoking can reduce the risk of cancer by 90-92%. Dr. Sharan has been known for his researches and journals written on Cancer.

Sharan further added that conventional cigarettes contain organic leafy elements. When burnt on high temperature, these leaves generate carcinogenic elements responsible for causing cancer.  This is why authorities should frame a policy to help smokers switch to electronic cigarettes.

Expressing similar views, scientists from the Department of Health and Social Care in the UK cited the fact that Great Britain has over three million regular e-cig users who switched to e-cigarettes. They said that several new researches have been done to ascertain if electronic cigarettes are actually helpful in fighting cigarette borne cancer. These researches reinforce that vaping is at least 95 per cent less harmful with negligible passive smoking effect.

In its latest policy statement, American Cancer Society (ACS) recommended healthcare clinicians to add e-cigarettes and vaporisers as a smoking-cessation option, yet, with cautions.

Sharan went on and compared traditional cigarettes and vaping devices to conclude why the latter might be a preferred choice. He said that in an electronic eCigeratte device pure liquid nicotine is heated to a temperature of 80-120 degrees. It results in very tiny water droplets. On the contrary, tobacco leaves are burnt at around 700-750 degrees Celsius in normal cigarettes when one makes the puffs, leading to a very fast burning process.

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In case of traditional cigarettes, the amount of oxygen is very less and it is a partial combustion. It generates 5,000-6,000 different types of harmful chemicals. Many of these are Class-I carcinogens known for causing cancer. He continued by saying that nicotine is only an addictive material and is not a cause for cancer as it is not yet proven to be Class-I carcinogen.

They collectively raised their voices in favor of vaping. They suggested that E-cigarettes should be given a chance in India and ban on e-cigarettes in its six states should be revoked.