Experts Raise Red as Vape Shops are Selling to Underage

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The objective of selling Vaping Devices or E-Cigarettes is to make sure that one is able to easily quit smoking of “Tobacco Products”. In this world, there are some people having a fragmented form of knowledge about the consumption of cigalikes or eGos. Some feel that is the perfect alternative to the smoking of “Tobacco Products”.

There are stores, involved in the sale of artificial cigarettes, with the aim of providing convenience to the vapers. Having said this, a quality form of regulation is not being maintained. It is because there are a rising number of teens or adolescents purchasing the “Vape Products”.

According to the survey being carried out due to the representatives of the “California Department of Public Health and Stanford University”, majority of Vape Shops don’t check for ID from teens.  The prescribed age limit for purchasing the “Smoking Products” is also risen.

The reader must go through the special points which the authorities consider to be useful in putting things back in order. Some of the points are mentioned below:-

Raising the Age Bar Not Enough:

The adversary’s viewpoint is, the research being carried out do raise multiple questions in reference to lifting the age bar of purchasing “Natural Cigarette to 21”. It was recently being championed by Senate Majority Leader – “Mitch McConnell”.

It was given further impetus when Matthew L. Myers also voiced his thoughts. He is also the President of the campaign for “Tobacco-Free Kids. It was said that the study “underscores the serious shortcomings of claims” from the numerous Vape manufacturers.

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The solution which came out for keeping the youth out of this was – to increase the age bar to 21.

One will get startled with the fact that consumption or usage of E-Cigarettes among the teen has multiplied. Almost, 40% of the 12’Th graders accept of using the Vape Devices. Raising the age bar is not considered to be the right way ahead.

Especially, when the stores into selling of “Tobacco and Vape Shops are not actually taking steps to stop the youngsters from purchasing the E-Cigarettes or other Vaping Devices. As said by Matthew L. Myers.

Another dignitary like – Gregory Conley, president of the American Vaping Association had mentioned that – “California Department of Public Health and Stanford University”, had formulated the law of raising the age bar for purchasing non-tobacco products.

Even he stressed on the fact that rule will not derive positive result, if not being executed properly by the sellers of the Vaping Devices.  The sellers are blatantly making a mockery of the law, while the sale of products is taking place between the age group of 18 to 21.

Barricading Teens from getting vaping Devices

JUUL a popular brand in the manufacturing of Vaping Devices has opened private retail stores. They will ensure that the proper form of inspection is being carried out and the proper scrutiny of the ID is carried out. This step was formulated amid water-tight form of scrutiny of the company

In September, the FDA announced that a “blitz” on retailers resulted in more than 1,300 warning letters and fines related to sales of Juuls and other e-cigarettes to minors.

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In November, the agency proposed a plan to limit flavored vape products to age-restricted, adult-only stores, such as vape shops.

In the month of September, the FDA had announced that a sudden form of search on numerous retailers became the reason for a large number of issuing “Warning Letters”.

Plus, fines were also imposed, in connection to the sale of e-cigarettes to the minors. So, finally in the month of November the agency had put forward a plan – to put a hold on to the sale of flavored Vape products to the age of the buyer and kick-start the opening of adult-only stores.


The aim is to make sure that the reader gains confidence that the proper form of measures is taken to put an end to the sale of Vaping Products to underage kids. If a more detailed form of information is needed then it can be derived easily from the FDA’s timely reports that are being printed at regular intervals.

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