How to Extend Vaporizer Battery Life?

Team Lovelites Team Lovelites 12 December 2018 Electronic Cigarettes Comment

Battery is an integral part of your device. It powers your vape hardware so thatyou can enjoy vape longer. But what if  you on a random day found that it’s draining out soon? It’s indication that you battery needs care. You need to put in place efforts to extend your hardware’s battery life.

How to Extend Vaporizer’s Battery Life?

The article brings in a few small but effective tips to maximize your vape device’s battery performance and extend its overall life.

1. Turn it off when not in use:

In case your vaping device isn’t in use, you can turn it off to save some power. Most vapers think that device drags power from the battery only when the user vapes. But, that isn’t the case. Even if you’re not vaping right now but power is on, it consumes battery.

2. Keep it on work:

Interestingly, a vape hardware battery acts like the battery in your smartphone. It needs to be used regularly to enhance its performance.  It’s recommended to use your battery at least for few minutes daily to prevent it from losing some of its power. May be for a short period, but use your vape battery for sure. This is probably the best way you can keep your battery functioning properly.

3. Don’t Overcharge Your Battery:

Battery overcharging has severe effect on battery life. If you have temptation for keeping battery pugged in charging point, don’t do it. It reduces the life of your battery and drain out reduce its overall lifespan. Charging battery even after it gets a full charge can damage the battery. The best thing to do is to charge your battery until it is full and remove the battery immediately.

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4. Put in Plug before it’s out:

It’s always a best practice to put the battery on charge before it’s completely drained of power. A better and recommended practice would be to charge your battery when it is half empty. It helps you avoid putting unnecessary strain on the battery. Remember, a battery that’s not fully drained takes much less energy to recharge than a battery that is only halfway drained.

 5. Keep Your Battery Clean:

Vaporizer batteries are prone to get dirty and sometimes due to occasional e-liquid spills, batteries become nasty. This is why they require a solid cleaning throughout. The problem is that when batteries gather dirt, their connection to the vaporizer becomes weaker. This leads to a situation when battery has to work harder to produce the required amount of power for a quality hit. Due to this, battery’s overall lifespan reduces. Just keep your battery clean to improve its performance.