FDA ultimatum to E-Cig makers, giving deadline of 60 Days

Team Lovelites Team Lovelites 7 February 2019 Vape News Comment

The health department of every nation has to be always on their toes. They can never be lenient in accepting related to health of the person of the nation.  Talking on the same line the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is working tirelessly for creating laws that would ban E-Cigarettes makers from multiplying their businesses. Vaping has been termed as the substitute of smoking tobacco cigarette.

According to the professionals of the FDA the makers of the E-Cigarettes have found a new way to make sure that the business is not shut down. A marketing technique of advertising about E-Cigarettes is doing the rounds. In reality the concerned organization has beefed-up their work. All this is to make sure an important message is delivered. That is if the user s looking to purchase E-Cigarettes, then, a minor is not to be seen in proximity to the E-Cigarettes.

So, a 60 day time-period has been put on the manufactures and within this selected time a complete halt on the sale of E-Cigarettes is to be followed. In the present time period the students are seen enjoying vaping with total disregard towards their health. As it is the sale of the tobacco cigarettes was a problem.  This is why the agency is looking to make sure that apart from educational programs people supplying E-Cigs to students are also apprehended. No other way is sufficient for tightening the noose in the sale and distribution of E-Cigarettes.

The results being derived from the census that almost students were getting inclined to the use of Vaping.  Students on the other hand, are not having a clear idea or knowledge about how the health can get deteriorated.

List of top five companies that are manufacturing E-Cigarettes are the following –

  • Juul Labs Inc.
  • MarkTen XL.
  • Blu and Logic.

It was during its nascent stage that no one was really aware of the impact that was going to be caused. Well, the moment a new things come-up people in general do get attracted or at least quite curious.  The-Cigarette made its appearance in a very impressive and eye catching manner. So, people were fascinated and specially students.

Juul Labs Inc. was the leader in the sale of E-Cigarettes in the market. Total of 72% of the market was occupied and once valued, and then it was declared as approximately 16 Billion Dollars. Apart from the E-Cigarette, the company had also launched pods and multiple flavors. All this was enough to make the government agencies irritated.

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The argument amongst the companies and the respective form of agencies trying to stop the flow of E-Cigarettes broke loose. Reason behind it was that company’s representatives were saying that it had stopped people from smoking tobacco. Which was the primary objective of the government?

This is where the concerned people of the regulatory body felt that a cheeky approach was being taken. As the flavors inside the pods were – Bubblegum, mint, banana, strawberry etc. These flavors were in a way quite popular amongst the younger generation and specially the students. So, how could one keep them away from it? According to the agencies the idea of segregating the kids from such things was twisted by the companies.

The public statement issued by the spokesperson of – Juul Labs Victoria Jones declared that all work will be carried out in accordance with the directives of the Food & Drug Administration (FDA).  She also mentioned that company will press on the fact that underage kids will be not permitted the possession of a Vaping Device. Plus, the added flavors do play an important role in determining the adults looking for a switch a bit more convenient.

The representatives of Food & Drug Administration (FDA) are very particular about the health of the people. Although the primary goal, of making people quit smoking is picking up the pace. Having said this, the researchers say that although inhaling of E-Cigarettes is far less toxic than tobacco cigarettes. The vaping process means consumption of Nicotine just shoots up. The younger generation does not understand the danger their young brain goes through.

FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said – that one needs to closely scrutinize the after-effects of the people looking at E-Cigarettes like an alternative form of smoking tobacco cigarettes. The kids should be guided in a proper way and not allowed to just follow a trend and make it a fashionable statement. The end result would be to nullify the chances of deteriorating health of the kids.

The authorities have in a categorical manner expressed strongly about their views in reference to young kids also stopping by for E-Cigarettes. First of all, there have been several write-ups, social-awareness programs. PIL etc been filed. Still, the companies have failed in mentoring the kids in a right way. All the concerned representatives have done is to consider it like a challenge or an obstacle.

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Well, the representative of the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) Mr. Gottlieb declared that from time to time, several letters of reminders have been dispatched to the companies. It mentioned that how companies in a blatant manner just marketing about their products, without any formal acceptance of nothing going on wrong. The officials of the government agencies have gone on to say that- one can’t be neither be a part of any activity which is leading a new young generation getting addicted to “Nicotine”.

The officials have worked in an extensive manner and due to it have not taken a step backwards in notifying the makers of E-Cigarettes about the consequences of the sale of E-Cigarettes. In fact, the version of the company was not having any weight and so the authorities could never changes their decision.

It was based on this that a large number of letters and fines were issued against the Retailers, Convenience Stores, Chemist Chains and several Petrol Pumps where a store was present selling E-Cigarettes. From these places a large number of underage kids also used to get Vaping Devices and other materials for it. All this was necessary as large number of people and especially under-age kid’s health was getting affected.

We, at Lovelites believe in doing the work in a correct way and if anything are wrong, and then it will be immediately stopped. All the other stores or online platform is just looking for selling the products. Our set of professional’s first conduct several tests or gather reports from then concerned agencies and then proceed.

We at no point have positioned ourselves in guiding people towards E-Cigarettes just like that. Our effort is only to hand over the people looking for quitting smoking a medium. Providing flavors for the person to get comfortable with the “Taste Factor” of their preference.