How to Clean Your Vaping Kit? A Quick Manual

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vaping kit cleaning guide

Cleaning your vaping device is as much important as using it. After few weeks of regular use and multiple re-fillings, your vaping kit gets dirty and stinky. Its performance also goes down. If that’s your case, it’s not mandatory to go for a new, maiden device every time. You can even clean your vaping kit to get it back to work.

Quick Vaping Kit Cleaning Guide

Whether you’re a pro-vapor or a beginner, regular maintenance of your vape pen, vaporizer or vapebox is important for long-term usage and excellent performance. The article takes you through few basic vaping device cleaning tips to help you keep your device as new as the day you purchased it.

When You Need to Clean Your Vaping Device?

It’s up to you to choose when you rinse and clean your device. We will recommend you to clean up your device each time you change flavors. It will help you prevent traces of last flavor used in the new flavor to be used. You should also make it a habit to clean your vaporizer thoroughly at least every few weeks. If your vaping kit isn’t any more offering you the consistency in the performance you used to, perform a full-scale vaporizer cleaning and maintenance to boost up its performance.

How to Clean a Vape Tank?

Following is a step-by-step process to rinse your vape device for maximum performance.

  1. Keep a bowl filled with warm water with you
  2. Detach tank from mod
  3. Empty the bottle to ensure no e-liquid remaining in the tank
  4.  Disassemble your tank completely
  5. Place tank components into bowl
  6. Wash tank components in water until clean
  7. Use a few drops of dish soap if tank is extremely dirty
  8. Dry off each component with a paper towel
  9. Let stand and air dry for 10-15 minutes
  10. Reassemble tank and device
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How to Deep Clean a Vape Tank?

To deep clean your vaping device, you can use a few teaspoons of alcohol. At the outset, detach the tank from mod and empty the tank. Now completely disassemble your tank. To remove e-juice deposits from the tank, non-flavored vodka can be used. To do so, dampen a paper towel with the vodka and scrub the tank area until the tank is completely clean. Now, wipe and rinse the components with warm water and let the device stand and air dry for 10-15 minutes. Now, Reassemble tank and device.

How to Get the Best Performance from Your Device?

Besides cleaning your tank and device, you need to follow below listed tips to maximize your performance device. 1. Maintain the ideal e-liquid level It’s important to maintain the ideal e-liquid level. Ensure that your tanks never go dry and they must contain enough e-liquid during operation. Likewise, avoid overfilling the tank either. 2. Keep your e-liquid in the right environment Don’t expose your e-liquid to extreme temperature or in direct sunlight. It can alter e-liquid’s VG/PG concentration, and that eventually could compromise the vaping experience. 3. Store your vaporizer safely- Store your device safely if it’s not in use at a point. It will reduce chances of any possible mishap. While travelling or when you will not be using the device for longer period, store the device in a safe storage.