Pick the Best E-liquid For A Satisfying Vaping Experience

Team Lovelites Team Lovelites 3 March 2015 Electronic Cigarettes Comment

Making a switch from smoking to vaping is definitely a very rewarding experience. It is seen that most vapor kits will provide that you need in order to start the vaping. However, e-liquid is that important accessory, which is needed to be chosen very carefully.

Electronic cigarettes make use of e-liquid in order to provide the taste and nicotine to the smoker, but without the harmful chemicals found in cigarettes. E-liquid, which is also known as e-juice have many options when it comes to nicotine concentration, flavor and several other factors.

Key E-liquid Selection Factors

There might some doubts in your mind about how to pick the best E-liquid for awesome vaping experience.  Mentioned below are some features of e-liquid that are needed to be considered before purchasing refills for your vapor cigarette:

Throat Hit: It is referred to as the feeling of smoke and it depends largely upon the type of e-liquid you choose. E-liquid that have the nicotine concentration of 8 to 16 mg/ml has the capability to deliver the best throat hit. Moreover, additives in e-liquid such as cinnamon, menthol or grain alcohol plays a vital role in contributing the throat hit.

Strength: This is also the most important factor in choosing the best e-liquid and it should be carefully considered especially by all those who have recently switched from smoking to vaping. Heavy smokers will definitely enjoy 12-18 mg/ml and if you are a light cigarette smoker, then you can satisfy your craving with 6 mg/ml of nicotine concentration.

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Flavor: When it comes to flavor, there are lots of options to choose from. From chocolate, coffee and vanilla to fruity flavors like strawberry, watermelon, cherry etc., you are free to experiment with any flavor in order to satisfy your taste bud.

Price: At last, don’t forget to look at the price of the e-liquid. Sometimes buying in larger quantities can help you save money, but this may not give you the chance to try different flavors if not available in bulk.

E-liquid Expiry Dates

The expiry date for e-juice is not officially established, but based on the nicotine it can be expected to be used within 1-2 years. It is also believed that e-liquids often have sediment if left still for a while. In other words, if the denser elements of the juice settles down, then shake the bottle properly and when the juice won’t mix properly at the time of shaking, then this means that the juice might be going bad.

Other than this, if the juice smells bad, it should not be used. If it’s been stored in an improper place such as the location, which is exposed to heat and light, then it will expire sooner than the stated date.

According to the e-liquid manufacturers, if the product is kept in an unsuitable location for a longer period of time, then you need to be very careful before using it. In this regard, smell it, inspect it and make a judgment call and if there is a sign that something is wrong, immediately throw it away.