Indian Health Ministry is Moving to Ban E-Cig

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India is such a vast country with over a billion populations and counting. There is another problem which is engulfing people into a bad habit is “Tobacco Smoking” If the number is to be of any value then it is signaling to 100 million adult smokers.

Is it right to curb swelling of “Tobacco Smokers?

Well, seeing this, the Indian health organization is carrying out the necessary steps for making sure that consumption of cigarettes is well-controlled. This is surprising that Indian officials are of the opinion that banning or putting a restriction on E-Cigarettes will bring out good results. It is by the safest and best way of making sure that habit of smoking “Traditional Cigarette” is taken care of.

The 13% of 7,20,000 people breathing last are actually due to problems erupting by smoking Tobacco Cigarette. If the representative of India and other regulatory body are really concerned, then the result-oriented form of results will be needed to be taken.

These are mentioned below:-

Alternatives are to be considered Too –

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare had clearly monitored the outcome of Vaping. They later on determined that Electronic Nicotine Delivery System (ENDS), that also have E-Cigarettes and Heat not burn tobacco products.

All of these are clubbed into carcinogenic. To an extent, even these are being referred to as the combustible form of cigarettes. The massive survey was conducted in the year 2017 by the top brass of the regulatory bodies.

On the other similar form of tests or survey’s was conducted by the “Health Ministries” of the different countries across the world. The astonishing result of their findings was by far different from their Indian Counterparts. In one of the former research being carried out i.e – United Kingdom (UK), the scientist has given a green signal to E-Cigarettes.

Reason for this belief is that only 5 % risk factor is present in comparison to the combustible form of cigarettes.  The complete form of the report being given out by the professionals of the United States National Academics of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine in 2018 is supporting the E-Cigarettes. Relevant professionals keep saying that – Non-Combustible Cigarettes aid in subtracting the chances of people getting affected to carcinogens or other toxins.

In addition to this, then even went on to say that doubts about adverse effects on the organs of the body were also not to be worried. In every way, they were actually advertising about the positives being garnered from the usage of “Non-Tobacco Products”.

The above-statements is given by the representatives of the “Health Organizations” was the reason that First Heat-Not-Burn Product, IQOS, was granted marketing approval by the US food and drug administration.

For the complete satisfaction of the people thinking to go for it, signals that product being marketed has undergone all tests and specified form of parameters. It is only posted going through the chain of tests is that a tag of “appropriate for the protection of public health.” Is being attached to the “Non-Tobacco Products”

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Be Moderate in Regulations –

Seeing the difference in the reports of not just different regulatory bodies but of different countries, our suggestion would be that of giving a balanced report. It means that all the correct parameters for the Import, Sale, Possession, and use of ENDS products must also be having the report of a comparative chart. ENDS products must declare the percentage of risk factor through usage on the health of active and passive people.

In my opinion, as a concerned writer, my recommendation to the policymaker would be to never deviate from the track of correct regulation of ENDS products. As the judgment and correct narration of a LAW of the representatives, would determine the percentage of the shift from Combustible Cigarettes towards a safer product.

Note- If there is a proper following of ENDS regulations, and then automatically shifts from “Tobacco Smokers” to “Non- Tobacco Smokers” will be smooth.

Making a Common Legal Platform –

Everyone is well aware of the working style of Indian politics. There are several moments when it is seen that incomprehensible form of special treatment is being given to the ones that are of great benefit or are of lucrative nature.

This is why; one can read and see on the digital media even post-filing of several litigations, notice is not being issued to “Combustible Cigarettes” manufacturers. One just can’t decipher the reason that the judiciary system is failing to bind the manufacturers of nicotine and bring them to justice.

One is not saying just like this because even the “World Trade Organization” (WTO) has clearly listed out the rules and regulations to every country. It is not an uphill task in seeing that a firm nature of denial is being put into motion. This is evident from the fact that any nature of “Trade Discrimination” is not being carried out.

Whatever is a part of General Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade (GATT) is actually being put emphasis. So, under no circumstances, the concerned nation should be irrational for any Imported or Domestic products.

Let me elaborate on the structure of guidelines laid out by WTO for giving the tag of “Likeness”. There are basically four segments and they are listed below –

1) Physical Properties.
2) End Usage.
3) Consumer Perception.
4) Tariff Classification.

It is no necessary that both of the products have to be same or has to be identical; rather, the greater the degree of similarity between the products based on the outlined criteria, the higher the likelihood that those products will be deemed “like.”

The outcome of this should not be necessary for the products within a similar group or category. If there is a higher percentage of chances that different products might be the same. This also could be dependent on the factor like overall criteria or it could be simply put that products are just a Xerox version of each other.

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The perception and understanding of the people in general also need to be not just modified but corrected also. It is only then people will also be able to know how far good or bad the product’s impact will be on a person’s health. After all, one can’t jump to any conclusion based on the vote result given out without a considerable amount of quality thought procedure.

The scenario in the present case is that India is purchasing a large bulk of e-cigarettes. On the other hand, a combustible form of cigarettes or the “Nicotine Filled Cigarettes” is being made within the country. One can also understand that ENDS ban is strongly being imposed and that is making the former cigarettes less recipient of goodies. Having said this, nothing is of worrisome nature to the harmful stick filled with tobacco.

One also would love to highlight the funny side of our country. It is not shocking that the highest death rate is basically due to the smoking of tobacco cigarettes. Yet it is not acting as a deterrent and in fact becoming the root cause of earning a large pot of money. This is a harsh reality which has to be digested.

I don’t want my readers to get startled with the fact, that at the World stage, a large number of countries declaring death due to the smoking of tobacco are earning too from the same product. The makers of tobacco products earn nearly 30 to 40 thousand annually from sales.

A large number of people also do get employed in the factories as the demand is more. So, it needs to be also kept in mind that the Government will also see into the matter of import business taking place for ENDS products. They will definitely cut down the sales revenue of the country.


The Health Ministry of India needs to also be sharp in understanding and read between the lines. At times, information being floating on the Social Media could be quite misleading too. If the reader follows and believes it and do not cross-check then the information will not reap positive results. This automatically becomes the root cause of calling ENDS products dangerous or bad for health.

No one is going to raise finger or eyebrow in shock, the moment reduction in the death-rate or illness due to the ENDS products. So, the Regulatory Agencies needs to be careful in making the correct policies and not think every time in monetary profitable terms.