JuuL Might Bring Bluetooth Connected E-Cigs to Keep Teenagers Away

Team Lovelites Team Lovelites 4 August 2018 News Comment

Renowned e-cigarette makers Juul will soon bring Bluetooth connected e-cig devices and vaping kits in the market. With the launch, company aims to keep underage and school going kids away from using e-cigarette.

Juul dominates 70 percent of US e-cigarette market with further plans to expand the reach of Juul vaping devices reach internationally.  But as the demand of its vaping products are soaring, the company seems worried of its products being used by teenagers and underage.

Juul Chief Administrative Officer Ashley Gould acknowledged that kids are using the products and they are committed to stopping it.

So far, company reportedly spent a whopping $30 million towards its efforts to combat underage use of its vaping products. Its upcoming Bluetooth-connected e-cigarette could be a part of this initiative.

A report published in the Bloomberg reads that the upcoming Bluetooth technology will have in-built software to track their nicotine intake and verify if a user is underage.

The report further says that company has plans to use Bluetooth technology to form geofences around schools to automatically shut down e-cigarettes if they are used on a school campus. The company said that they are actively evaluating new technologies and features to prevent teenagers from vaping.

The Bluetooth-connected Juul vaping kits will be available in Israel and Western Europe in October. However, their availability in other markets including the US is uncertain as any new e-cigarette and vaping products are subject to a lengthy FDA approval process in the country.