Juul e-cig Starter Kit Review: An Ideal Choice for Beginners

Team Lovelites Team Lovelites 17 July 2018 Reviews Comment
JUUL Review

If you have been in the search of a perfect beginner vape device recently, we are introducing one here. Meet Juul, a revolutionary vaping starter kit for beginner vapers who just want to switch to vaping.  Some of our team mates used the product themselves and concluded it the most effective ways to make the switch. What impressed us much is its looks and comfort of use.

JUUL: A Closed System Vaporizer

JUUL Vape Pod kit is a closed system vaporizer that works with pods or has atomizers in sealed e-liquid containers. Since we have been using JUUL since, we believe that this is something worth buying. It’s simply a right choice for beginners looking to an affordable alternative to traditional cigarette.

JUUL e-sig starter kit is probably the device you can rely on.  It’s best smoke-like experiences, excellent vapor production and a very strong throat hit will truly amaze you. And being a closes system device JUUL Vape Pod kit never gets your hands dirty. When used the kit, we found absolutely no leaks and no dry hits. We tasted something discrete and great with every single puff.

Beautifully Packed: Elegant and Aesthetic:

The JUUL e-cig starter kit comes in a sturdy packaged gift box made of cardboard.  The box contains a number of things inside including the JUUL automatic battery, a small USB magnetic charger, one multi JUULpod 3-pack, a user manual and a warranty card. Its battery, as we saw, is rectangular, elongated and has a very futuristic design. The device is very handy in terms of shape and size and it fits in hand well.

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Going further, the JUUL e-cig starter kit is fitted with a small LED notification light. The battery emits a white light when user inserts a functional pod inside. If you want to check the amount of battery left, double tap it at any time. If the battery is fully charged, the light goes green. Similarly, it emits yellow when it’s half charged and emits red when battery is fully drained and needs to be charged.

The device has a magnetic USB charger that automatically snaps into place. While charging, battery stands upright during the whole process and never takes longer than 60 minutes to completely charge.

JUUL Review

 The JUUL USP: Works with Pre-filled Pods

The JUUL starter kit is available with three / five pre-filled pods that slide easily inside the battery. A white light emission indicates that you’re device is ready for vape. Each pre-filled pod available with the device is equivalent to a pack of cigarettes. The taste pods deliver is awesome and throat hit is simply incredible. Each of the pods contain certain amount of nicotine concentration and are all rated for at least 200 puffs. The MTL device activates itself automatically whenever you take a pull and it’s intended for mouth to lung use.

Performance and Final Thoughts:

Being a starter kit, the JUUL e-cig isn’t a fit device for direct lung users or cloud chasers. However, whatever the amount of vapor it produces is ideal for the vapers. All the flavored juices available with the kit are great in taste. Beyond all great things it offers, its modest battery life disappointed us. In our final note, we would recommend the JUUL starter kit as an ideal device for new vapers. It’s a perfect choice for those who hate to fiddle with replaceable atomizer heads, refillable reservoirs and dozens of vape settings.