MTL & DTL Vaping: A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners

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In this 21’st, century, one can see multiple changes in the Vaping Segment. The engineers and the other skilled people are continuously trying to match the standards with the international market. Talking about this there are two acronyms, Mouth to Lung (MTL) and DTL Direct to Lungs (DTL) that is creating a lot of waves.

At the end of the article, every reader will be able to not just understand technical terms but will not have any queries too. One should not get alarmed with the seasonal form of information being received by the people. This article is the best way of receiving information about MTL & DTL forms of Vaping.


Mouth to Lung (MTL) Vaping

In the case, of Mouth to Lung (MTL) form of vaping. It is said that MTL is quite similar to smoking.  This is especially being followed when the Vaper is just a herald to vape. People, in general, use the inhalation style of smoking for two reasons –

  • In the case of, of wild tobacco the shredded part of the tobacco which is densely packed inside the paper tube. This has a restrictive form of airflow and thus other forms of inhaling procedure are pretty difficult.
  • Another point is that inhaling of the smoke in a speedy manner will mean that that vaper is not going to have a throat irritation problem. As in traditional smoking, the concerned person is definitely going to have trouble and will cough.

How to Identify an MTL Tank

The best part of the MTL Tanks is to create a similar form of smoking experience. It can be easily done through atomizer coils, Narrow mouthpieces. The ones, putting on a hold is the clear passage of the airflow inside the cigarette. The special type of features is listed below:-

  • The size of the mouthpiece is quite similar to the ones of a cigarette filter.
  • The overall diameter of the Atomizer Coil is similar to or less that of a pencil.
  • Wicks that have an opening on the sides of the Atomizer Coil actually resemble a small form of pinpricks.
  • At the bottom of the device, the vaper will see series of airflow Vents.

The Benefits of MTL Tanks:

People who prefer MTL tanks often like them for two reasons.

  • Small vapour clouds are being formed and this is why small proportions of the E-liquid are being consumed. It will not be wrong to say that MTL is also the cheapest form of Vaping. As the proportions of E-liquid and the Atomizer Coil is less in comparison to the others.
  • If the percentage of Nicotine E-Liquids is higher, then automatically MTL will work efficiently. The vaper will not be disappointed, as the sensation will be quite similar to the one received by the natural cigarette. The good quality of throat hit is being received by the vaper actually giving him or her feeling of the actual form of smoking. Like this, isolating yourself from the Cigarette Smoking is quite possible and a smooth transition as well.

Who, can be referred MTL Vapers?

This is certainly not a popular style of vaping. According to the latest findings, approximately 25 % of the Vapers follow this version of Vaping. The people that can be really clubbed into this group are – old fashioned people, the ones who have recently quitted, oHm and MTL Device possessors etc.

If the professionals are to be believed then a higher percentage of Nicotine Content is recommended. People should step-forward in adopting this method and “Chuck-Off” the traditional form of smoking habit.

Even if the Vaper is in a public place, then he will not have to look for isolated places, as the MTL form of Vaping does not bear any problems for the concerned person.

We would definitely refer MTL form of Vaping to the users that are looking for a similar drag or kick received from traditional smoking. The right percentage of E-Liquid that the Vaper is needed to get is approx 18 mg. On the other hand, if the dark and dense clouds formed scare you, then MTL is the perfect alternative. The output of MTL is on a milder side.

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Procedure for Identifying MTL Tank:

MTL vaping tanks recreate the experience of smoking by using small atomizer coils and narrow mouthpieces that mimic the restricted airflow of a cigarette. You can identify a mouth-to-lung tank by these three features:

There is no doubt that MTL Vaping style is very close to emulating of the “Natural Tobacco Smoking” style.

  • The mouthpiece is usually about the same width as a cigarette filter.
  • The atomizer coil has a diameter similar to — or less than — that of a pencil.
  • The wick openings on the side of the atomizer coil resemble small pinpricks.
  • The tank has small airflow vents at the bottom.

Requirements for MTL Vaping:

Restricted airflow:

The vapers using MTL type of Vaping will mean that a small quantity of Vapour will be released. It will be followed up with excessive coughing and Coil that is not receiving the precise level of temperature. MTL is based on a confined form of airflow. On the contrary, now think of the airflow one receives through the cigarette. This is how the primary objective is achieved. The professionals make sure of delivering the right guidance.

The restricted form of airflow will signal to a warmer vape. Once, the coil is heated in the right way, and then the Vaper will also get the feel of a good and acceptable type of nicotine by the concerned vaper.

Higher Resistance:

The Vaper needs to know that higher resistance coils are generally of a smaller size, needing less wattage and a small proportion of time to get heated. So, automatically Vaper will feel nice, as they are best suited for shorter draws.

The professional’s understanding says that people must be aware of plus ohm or sub ohm. It refers to the coil resistance which is in excess or less to 1 Ohm. As a matter of fact, the vapers should be aware that their MTL devices have plus ohm coils present and the resistance ranges between 1 & 2 ohms. if there is a presence of two  2 coil options then the advertisements state that it is of MTL type of device.

Narrower Mouthpiece:

If the mouthpiece of an MTL product is narrow, then the proper way of restricting the airflow will be done. If someone tells you that taking MTL hit with a bigger 810 drip tip will be a wrong thing to follow. So, always make sure that narrow form of a mouthpiece and 510 drip tip or under is the correct form of measurement.

Lower Wattage:

The efficiency of the MTL devices is best when the functioning is taking place through less wattage. The engineers and other specialists keep in mind that beginners are kept in mind before embarking anything. So, to make things simple and effective, the device is not boasting of any controls, settings etc. The vaper just needs to press and pull function from the device.

Recommended PG/VG Ratio:

  • 50PG/50VG – It is said a good ratio for throat hit with moderate vapour production
  • 60VG/40PG – This is of a smoother vape with a little bit more vapour production.
  • 70VG/30PG – The vaper will receive better clouds and flavour.

Direct-to-Lung Inhaling

Change is necessary, as a monotonous form of feeling will automatically set in. Talking on this line what we professionals have seen that MTL (Mouth to Lung) Vapers switching to DTL (Direct to Lung) form of Vaping.

The simple reason for this is that if the vaper is looking for a bigger and denser form of vape clouds. Seeing this surge of interest, even the manufacturers have been designing sub-ohm form of vape tank, this is being executed for bringing in the transformed version of the Vaping style.

How to Identify a DTL Tank

Direct-to-lung vaping tanks have large atomizer coils that operate at high temperatures. To keep the coil cool and allow it to reach its potential for vapour production, a DTL tank will also need to allow plenty of air through. You can identify a direct-to-lung tank by these features:

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If one talk about DTL form of Vape tanks, then the user should know that it has a larger form of atomizer coils and function at high temperatures. This is to inform the users that for keeping the coil cool, a DTL Vape tank requires the passage of large amounts of air. Plus, below mentioned features is a part of DTL Vape Tank:

  • The mouthpiece is on a wider form in comparison to a cigarette filter.
  • The diameter of a DTL Atomizer is wider than a pencil.
  • In the DTL the vaper will see that it is having wider Wick openings. Permitting, to see a large portion of the cotton wick is inside the DTL Vape.
  • All the tanks having larger airflow vents at the bottom.

The Benefits of DTL Tanks

People who prefer DTL tanks often like them for two reasons.

  • Some of the Vapers prefer to get a bigger and denser form of vape Clouds. So, if you are also one of those people, who enjoy this, then immediately go for DTL Vape tanks.
  • The Vaper should be aware of the fact that consumption of Vape-Liquid will be on a higher side in the case of DTL vape. So, the professionals suggest that the Nicotine strength is lowered, but not the amount of nicotine being consumed by you. In this case, the ideal nicotine strength would be 3 to 6 mg.

Requirements of DIL Vaping:

Fuller Airflow:

In spite of the restricted type of air flow, still, the DTL Vaping is still preferred. A calculative form of air is necessary for the functioning of the DTL. The vaper should know that in a DTL form of the device, it should be double or more open in comparison to the MTL Vape Device.

Lower Resistance:

If the vaper is looking for things like – sub-ohm, cloud chucking, high-wattage vaping then DTL Vaping plays its role. Lower form of resistance implies that overall time consumed will be more and the wattage will also be on a higher side. Professionals through experience and knowledge feel that better results in terms of hits will be great through DTL Vape tanks.

Wider Mouthpiece:

Personally, saying that Vaping derives better results if the narrow mouthpiece is being used by the vaper. In general case, it is seen that sub-ohm, DTL devices and tanks will be utilized or give the option of a wider drip tip.

Higher Wattage:

The vaper looking for a long draw on a low resistance coil will be requiring more power. It will be needed to heat up those big coils to reach its capacity. After that, a tiny form of cig-like vape Pen or ohm coil.

 Recommended PG/VG Ratio for DTL:

  • 60VG/40PG – Great flavour, will give the vaper a decent vapour production and a hint of a good throat hit.
  • 70VG/30PG – This ratio is one of the most popular for sub ohm/DTL version of the devices.
  • 80VG/20PG – Awesome flavour, big thick clouds, and silky smooth throat hit is received by the Vaper.
  • 100% VG – The Pure big clouds and a super form of smooth vape. 100% VG is also a good choice for those who are sensitive to PG an ingredient of Vape Juice.


Now, one is pretty sure that the reader will not be having any doubt about the working or other things about MTL (Mouth to Lung) or DTL (Direct to Lung) Vape Tanks. In this article, we have been very careful in addressing all the necessary and relevant information. If there is anything which the reader is willing to know then can raise the queries to us.