What is The Right Way of Cleaning a Vape Pod?

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right way of cleaning a Vape Pod

If you are vaping for a long time, then you will definitely hear the conversation about Vaping Pod quite regularly. This new fusion of science and technology (E-Cigarettes) has transformed people’s smoking habits a lot. Through it, people looking interested in smoking will be able to kick the habit of smoking a Tobacco Cigarette.

On the other hand, Vaping Pod is very convenient and is also a satisfying thing for people craving for Nicotine.  It is also a user-friendly because people sitting next to a Vaper do not feel threatened about any impact on his or her health.  Plus, it is a smoother and reliable way of leading a healthier life for Tobacco Smokers to make a switch.

Right Way of Cleaning a Vape Pod

One should not be surprised at the person looking for a switch from smoking a tobacco cigarette to vaping actually benefits a lot. The vaping Pod is the ideal form of method to get rid of smoking tobacco. Well, quite a number of people are also quitting and banking on the Vaping Pod, which is much healthier and a low maintenance device.

Reasons to clean a Vape Pod:-

Vaping Pod is reusable, a re-chargeable and this is what makes it quite popular. Having said this, a large number of Vape Pods needs to be maintained properly. If it is going to be used multiple times, then automatically maintenance of highest order is also needed. Well, most of the Vaping Pod’s require maintenance of a low order, but still cleaning of a good quality is very important or necessary.

The other kinds or brands of Vaping Pod lack in some segment or the other. This becomes the reason why other brands of Vaping Pods, don’t match the quality of Juul’s Vaping Pod. In every sense, the desired form of Vaping climbs to a next level. All this and many more has been the reason why people are not facing any difficulty in maintaining the Vaping Pod.

The moment a user also follows the principle of maintaining the vape Pod in the right order, then a user will not have to face any technical problems. It is a procedure through which any form of problems will not arise.

Just like a human being takes a proper diet, maintains personal hygiene, eats a healthy diet etc. In the same manner, one is supposed to see if there is anything which needs to be corrected or is causing problems in the smooth functioning of the Vape Pod. The bottom line is that if you will take care of the Vape Device, then only required or small proportion of benefit is received by the concerned person.

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As the basic reasons calling for you to examine or check is the following: 

The pods inside the device might start leaking small proportions of liquid on to the battery.

The connection points must be made clear of all the foreign particles. As it would be the reason blocking the smooth flow of the device to work,

Simple Ways to Clean the Vape Pod:

1. Dry Cleaning:

The user is required to merely dust of or remove foreign particles that are greasy or of a sticky nature. In this case, merely using a dry and clean cloth would be sufficient to wipe out the Vaping pod of any outside element.  The procedure to initiate the cleaning procedure is explained below –

First of all, the user needs to be wise in removing the piling-up of unwanted materials. Such things are not to be present on the pod slot and it can be executed with the help of a thin and solid made things. Like – a toothpick or tweezers.

The user might see, a leaked juice inside the spring loaded form of metal connection pins. For this, a user needs to, first of all, invert the battery, then press a Q-tip or paper towels onto the pins. This way the pins will be able to get suck-in or absorb any liquid being visible or oozing out of the Vape Pod.

2. Rubbing of Alcohol:

Just like in the “Dry Cleaning Method”, the user needs to first detach the Vaping Pod and then clean it properly around the slot area. At this moment of time, it should be done with a Q-Tip that has been thoroughly soaked with alcohol.

The special ingredients of Alcohol will further break down the unwanted residue. Over a working time, the Vaping Pod does leave out waste and this from time to time is to be cleaned up.

In the next step, the user needs to clean-up the connection pins. It should be done in a similar way as one does through “Dry Cleaning Method”. Over here also, the user needs to use Q-Tip along with the Alcohol. One should be cautious that the user is not compressing the springs.

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Instead, the user needs to be gentle and wipe around the pins, minus any kind of harm to it. If the user is not careful and pushes the pins during rubbing, then it might lead to leakage, inside the device. It might also lead to a permanent form of halt, as the device is damaged severely or maybe beyond repairs.

3. Charge Port Cleaning:

Well, after some time if the device is not getting charged, and then it means something has gone wrong. In this case, the user will have to repeat the cleaning procedure. In it, the Rubbing of Alcohol again is needed.

It should be especially being done on the Charge Port. On the other side, the user should not be worried about cleaning his area and making it completely in working order. If due to some reason, it does not work then the user will have to look for acquiring a new set of Vaping Pod.

The Lovelites is a platform that believes in doing the correct work right from scratch. It is this type of attitude which has “up the ante” of its work. Over here, people will not just see a collection of E-Cigarettes and its related things. The professionals have felt that it would be great if the user is also having a complete idea about taking care of their products too.

Every user or a person looking for E-Cigarette type of devices can also raise their doubts if any. One can also write to us if there is anything which you feel would be right to discuss. This platform will be more than happy to have a discussion and make sure that everything moves on smoothly and efficiently.

So, take care of your Vaping Pods and make sure all roadblocks for a great Vaping is taken care of in the right manner.