Ruthless Tropic Thunda Nic Salt Review

Team Lovelites Team Lovelites 7 May 2019 Vape Reviews Comment

Hello everyone, today I would love to give all my readers in-depth analysis of one of the NIC Salt E- Liquids. In this write-up, the curious readers will learn about a new addition of Tropic Thunda Nic Salt onto to our platform.

This Vape Juice is a product of a reputed brand “Ruthless”. Lovelites is a platform that displays only quality products and the ones having the power to attract the Vapers.

Ruthless Tropic Thunda Nic Salt review will be liked by our readers, as this has been categorized under comprehensible sections or categories.

Ruthless Tropic Thunda Nic Salt Review

The Ruthless brand is the perfect reflection of quality, precision and catering to needs and desires of a vaper. Products characteristics are been elaborated under the following headings –


Ruthless is a band that always promises of dispensing quality and nothing less than it. Since 2011 this brand has been into the market and coming out with different types of Vape Juices. They are always highlighting the points of creating unique, high-quality juices.

If one is talking about taste, then one is not going to spit it out at all. Not only the local form of ingredients is part of it, but one is going to figure out what is the right proportion of the ingredients and which are in the right and of acceptable nature too.


The vaper will not have any complaints about the flavor content of the NIC Salt E-Liquid. As it is an American brand. A lot of weight is given to the fact that Flavor of the E-liquid is not of a disappointing nature.

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Tasting of the Flavor inside the E-Liquid is certainly not a child’s play, the inspector has to be sharp, innovative and having the supreme knowledge of identifying a distinction in flavor.

So, purchasing this E-Liquid means that a user will receive a sweet burst of guava, berries, 50 % of VG / PG ratio, with varying level of nicotine and overall quantity of a 30ml of Vape Juice.

My personal opinion would be that a vaper is going to feel like drinking a delicious smoothie on a hot summer afternoon. The flavor was spot and not like any other vape juice I had tasted before.


Well, most of the people might have an opinion of that purchasing this brand of Vape Juice might create a hole in their pocket.

Well, over here I would love to suggest you of first surveying the market and other sources. Then it will be learned that a vaper is receiving superior quality and that too at reasonable pricing.

Most of the time a general tendency is to start making assumptions of the product just through ingredients and the need for that product. Well, so don’t worry about it, as we would make sure that your head is cleared of all wrong and confused ideas.


As for the packaging part of Ruthless Tropic Thunda Nic Salt is concerned, the vaper will be pleased and  happy on seeing that how nicely boxing of your selected Vape Juice is being done.

I am pretty sure that even you will admit to the fact that how much investment and caring is put in for keeping the recipient of the E-Liquid satisfied.

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There is absolutely not even a single point in which the brand “Ruthless” has carried out a deteriorating form of work. In fact, on detailed examination one came to know that professionalism is always kept at the topmost priority.


In the end, one would say that please go ahead and place the order for this delicious and soothing flavor of Vape Juice by Ruthless brad.

On the other hand, if you are a first timer whether for this flavor or for Vaping then also selecting this brand will not be a wrong selection at all.

As a critic, one would also love to say that readers should definitely write down their comments or feedback about the E-liquid. This will enable us a lot to present a product that is rich in quality.