Top 10 Halo e-liquids to Choose for Vapers This Month

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If you have just switched to vaping, the next thing you will be looking for is a perfect e-liquid. Among many brands available and equally popular, we are discussing here top 10 vaping juice flavors from Halo that are specially made for delivering unforgettable vaping pleasure.

Top 10 Halo e-Liquids for Vapers

Halo is an American E-cig manufacturer known for its commitment to product quality and consistency. Their product manufacturing involves deep research, development, rigorous testing, and innovation. Halo’s e-liquids are made using high quality ingredients having users’ safety being the top priority.

Here is the list of top 10 Halo E-liquids that will make your vaping experience amazing.

1. Tribeca Tobacco:

Halo’s Tribeca is a latest raze in tobacco flavored e-liquids. The e-liquid contains ultra-smooth tobacco flavor with definitive tobacco undertones with a semi-sweet top note. For a solid throat hit and excellent vapor production, Tribeca E-liquid would be the best choice. The flavor is an ideal reminiscence of other top-notch tobacco e-liquid blends with slight hints of vanilla and caramel. SHOP NOW

2. Torque 56:

Torque 56 is a premium quality tobacco flavored e-liquid from Halo. It delivers massive throat hit and an ideal choice for those vapers who want to get soaked in real tobacco flavor without a lot of complex nuances. This e-liquid would be an essential choice for newbies or staunch buyers with no frills but just pure and traditional unfiltered tobacco flavor. SHOP NOW

3. Voodoo:

Voodoo happens to be mild tobacco based e-liquid having a mix blend of popular flavors such as black currant, grape, plum, and a touch of cinnamon. When mixed with subtle notes of smooth vanilla, this e-liquid delivers an awesome and delicate balance of tobacco with gourmet flavors. Though, the e-liquid seems mild in vapor production, its flavor and a throat hit will surely exceed your expectations. SHOP NOW

4. Malibu:

Top 10 Halo e-liquids

Malibu E-liquids are frozen Pina Colada twisted inside of a light menthol wrapper. These e-liquids soak a nice smooth flavor with amazing throat hit which is relatively light and without any harshness. Aftertaste of these e-liquids is usually pleasantly sweet. If you’re new to vaping or have been vaping a since a while, we would recommend this tropical e-liquid flavor for a refreshing vape.  SHOP NOW

5. Prime 15:

Top 10 Halo e-liquids

Prime15 E-liquid is another premium tobacco blend e-liquid from Halo. The e-liquid offers an earthy and mystic taste with a subtle dry sweetness. This premium smooth tobacco e-liquid carries hints of cocoa and offers solid throat hit with excellent vapor production. SHOP NOW

6. Café Mocha:

Top 10 Halo e-liquids

Halo’s Cafe Mocha E-liquid is a full -flavored blend specially designed for those who have cravings for gourmet coffee flavored e-liquid. This vape juice is made around a robust Cappuccino base layered with very subtle hints of mocha and hazelnut. This flavored e-liquid ends up with a gentle sweetness. Its vapor production is quite powerful, though, it’s very light at throat hit. SHOP NOW

7. Twisted Java:

Top 10 Halo e-liquids

A fully-flavored twisted Java e-liquid from Halo offers an intense gourmet coffee flavor. This e-liquid is manufactured around an espresso base and layered with ample amounts of Peppermint. This vaping juice consists of distinct blend of Caramel and Macadamia Nut nuances. If you’re crazy about delicious harmony of gourmet flavored coffee with Minty twist, Halo Twisted Java would indeed be a great choice.

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8. Midnight Apple:

Top 10 Halo e-liquids

The Halo Midnight Apple E-liquid is a unique mix of top notch rich tobacco layered with spiced ‘Granny Smith’ apple top notes. The subtle apple overtone gets mixed with an underlying tobacco e-liquid base. This prudent combo creates a perfect combination of dry sweetness and delivers amazing throat hit and sustainable vapor production.

9. Menthol Ice:

Top 10 Halo e-liquids

Halo Menthol Ice is a premium Menthol ICE based E-liquid. It’s stunningly refreshing and offers a clean menthol taste in every vape. If you’re looking forward to Menthol a smoker a consistently pure menthol flavor, go and check Halo Menthol ICE E-liquid. SHOP NOW

10. Belgian Cocoa:

Top 10 Halo e-liquids

Halo Belgian cocoa is an ideal E-liquid blend offers a robust flavor with excellent throat hit and dense vapor production. Made up of dry cocoa undertones and a sweet chocolate top note, this e-liquid blend is an excellent choice for great all-day vape. SHOP NOW