Top 7 Five Pawns ELiquid Flavors You Shouldn’t Miss

Team Lovelites Team Lovelites 22 August 2018 Vape Reviews Comment

Five Pawns is known for its ultra-premium range of e-liquids. With limited range of e-juice products on offer, the company ensures rich and flavorful blends for vape enthusiasts. The Five Pawns ELiquid range gives vapers unique and intriguing flavors.

Top Five Pawns ELiquid Flavors of the Month

Based in the Southern California, Five Pawns is home of super-premium, proprietary ELiquid flavorings. In this post, we will review 7 Top Five Pawns rich but refined eLiquid flavor blends.


The Gambit throws an aftertaste of classic, mellow apple pie with freaky impressions of flaky crust and decadent caramel. Its taste will remind you of an apple pie a common ingredient found in popular dessert eliquids. It tastes so deliciously crispy  that we can vape pie-flavored Gambit ejuice as long hour after hour. Its delightful flavors are rich, delicious and well-blended. BUY NOW

Castle Long:

This savory juice is a fine blend of the dark, refined spirit of Kentucky Bourbon, toasted coconut and roasted almond. ‘Five Pawns’ Castle Long is a truly special and unique e-liquid with dark, refined spirit of Kentucky Bourbon. The juice delivers an overall flavor that’s ample, rich, and deep. If you’re looking for an extraordinary eLiquid with exquisite taste, Castle Long is for you. BUY NOW

Symmetry Six:

The savory flavor of Symmetry six contains strawberry rhubarb with oat, graham crumble, and vanilla cream. The juice has hard aroma of strawberries and graham crackers with a tangy sour note.  The juice is a complex and well balanced blend sugared rhubarb and strawberries. Crafted for vaping fantasies, this fruity yet savory Symmetry Six eLiquid is sure to amaze both fruit and dessert lovers alike. BUY NOW

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Five Pawns grandmaster offers is surely one of the most popular eliquids from the makers. It’s a savory of blend of peanut butter and banana touched by caramel. The product offers a perfect dose of taste to the vapers with rich smooth Peanut Butter topped off with some fresh bananas. These perfectly mixed ingredients give this juice a very smooth vape with enough presence of a throat hit. BUY NOW


Queenside is a citrus based flavor blended with creamy French vanilla. As an orange flavor, the juice delivers quite. If orange is something that entices you, Queenside is the right flavor for you. An absolute favorite of many vapors, this light yet creamy citrus produces medium bodied throat hit. If you haven’t yet chosen a right juice, Queenside won’t disappoint you. BUY NOW

Black Flag Risen:

The USP of the Black Flag Risen is decaffeinated cappuccino infused with a light truffle cream with mocha dusted black walnut aftertaste. This mild flavored eLiquid has no harshness at all. This delightfully savory product contains refined truffle cream and delicious dusted black walnut. Black Flag Risen is the right choice for the vapers who seek nothing less than an extra ordinary flavor. BUY NOW

Bowden’s Mate:

This flavorful chocolate product gives a crisp mint taste with a refreshing effervescent note. The juice contains a French Vanilla aftertaste. For vaping enthusiasts its smooth and complex flavor feels like a true aroma bestowed with dense clouds and solid throat hit. BUY NOW