Vape Pen Buying Guide for Beginners

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Vape Pen Buying Guide for Beginners

You may find multitude of options when you’re out to shop vape pens.Vape market has a massive selection of vape pens with different styles and functions. The only question that tricks the mind while someone goes out to buy a vape pen is which one is the right choice?

Beginner Vape Pen Buying Guide

The article is a brief guide on how to buy a vape pen. If you’re a beginner vaper, the guide will surely help you.

Vaping Material:

The first question to ask while buying a vape pen is the vape material you want to use. You may use dry materials or legal concentrates, or both.  There are vape pend available that are designed to handle the both. If you have cravings for e-liquids or oils, you should go for vape pens with a tank and an atomizer.  In case you’re looking for vape pens that use legal concentrates, go for chamber rather than a tank.

Heating Method:

Heating is another aspect to look into when buying a vape pen. Technically there are three types of heating vape pens generally use.

1. Convection heating:

This kind of heating takes place when the heat is transferred to the chamber without connecting the vaping material directly to the heating element. This kind of heating mitigates the risk of extra combustion and wasting vaping material. It, though, disappoints as it takes a little time to heat up.

2. Conduction heating:

Unlikely convection heating, in conduction heating vaping material is in direct contact with the heating element. With conduction heating, you can start vaping pretty much immediately. But in this method, most vaping e- liquid is lost due to increased combustion of your vaping material.

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3. Induction Heating:

In induction heating, heating happens through magnetic fields. This isn’t the very popular healing method in vape pens, but making the space gradually.

Battery Life:

In vape market, most of the vape pens pull power through Lithium-Ion built-in batteries. If you want a vape pen that lasts longer, it’s recommended to go for a vaping device with a slightly bigger body. Another factor is the output. Do note that resistance coils produces relatively more flavor and vapor but consumes more power as well.  Bigger the battery is, longer the device will run.


Functionality is another crucial aspect with vape pens. Some vape pens are super simple to use. Some pens come with complex features like temperature control and programmable pre-sets. Technically, a vape pen with complex features decrease ease of use and comes expensive.  So, before buying the vape pen, create a checklist of what capabilities you want and how comfortable you are with advanced features.


Like, functionality, design of the vape pen is an important fact to consider. If you can afford, go for stainless steel or carbon fiber materials. If you want to have a vape pen with coils and rods, pick titanium or stainless steel coils and quartz rods. We recommend you not to go with silicon, teflon or titanium alloys as they have a low melting point.