Vape Pens: 7 Guiding Tools for Better Vaping

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The rage amongst the people to use “Vape pens” is not something for which a user neither has to pay a hefty amount or go through a strenuous coaching manual. With the different agencies of the International Standard also participating, it has become simple and easy to manoeuvre people’s thoughts correctly.

The reports of a reputed agency such as- National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine (NASEM) says that vaping is likely to be far less harmful than smoking, and this is what, which is assisting adult smokers quit cigarettes.

Using Vape Pens in 7 Smarter Ways:

This article is the best medium to learn about 7 splendid ways to use “Vape Pens”. Al the 7 methods are explained in a simple and easy manner.

1)    Understanding Of Vape Pens Learning Curve-

Most of the “Vape Pens” do work in a smarter and almost similar manner. There is a slight difference in the functioning of each one. It is done keeping in mind the special type of “Vaping Style” needed by the “Vaper”.

Battery- It is the most significant part of the “E-Cigarettes”. This also happens to be the longer component of the “Non-Tobacco Cigarette”.

Heating Chamber / Atomizer- It is that part of the “Vape Pen” component that houses different things like – Wax or Dry Herbs. This is directly attached to the battery and is heated till the E-Juice is not converted into a “Vapour”.

Mouthpiece- It is connected to the heating chamber inside the “E-Cig” and the place from where the “Vaper” inhales the air mixed up with the “Vape Juice”.

Charger- This component is a separate part of the “Vape Pen”. The function of this part is to charge the “E-Cigarette” and is in the form of a micro USB.

Functioning of Vape Pen: Vape Pen works once: the power is passed through the heating chamber and later on heating the ingredients plus components. This comprises of- Vape Juice, Oil or Wax. It is heated till the time post mixing it does not become into a vapour. The Vapour being produced later on is inhaled by the Vaper through a Mouthpiece.

2)    Accessorizing It-

Unlike different sets of tools, even “Vaping Pen” needs to be accessorized. There are some important things to be understood about the “E-Cig”. Although it is portable it is fragile too and so one has to be careful and handle it delicately. If the Vaper is using a pre-filed variation of Oil Cartridges inside the “Vape Pens”, then proper action is required.

If the user is Vaping through a “Wax or a Smoking Dabs”, then a small airtight container will be needed too. In addition to this, the requirement for a “dabber” can’t be ignored. This is a metal tool, which is needed to scoop the Wax and then put it into the “Heating Chamber”. The professionals have suggested that “Silicone Wax Mats” is the best accessory and should not be kept out of the “Vape pens”.

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It will be a protective form of the thing and because of which things will not be sprayed all over the place.

3)    Aware of the Cartridges & Concentrates-

Varied types of “Concentrates” for “Vape Pens” is available in the market based on the preference of the “Vaper”. A “Vaper” having knowledge about it will be able to enjoy “Vaping”. Like one version consists of a – Oil Cartridges which is pre-filled and are of a disposable type. Whereas, the different concentrate is popularly known as “Budder” combination of “Wax and Sugar”.

Vapers find it easier to maintain and loading it whenever there is a need. The users will not find it difficult to get a “re-fillable Oil Cartridges”

Note- The “Vaper” is needed to be careful in making use of this category of Concentrates for their “Vaping Experience”.

4)    Filling Up Of Vape Pen Chamber As Prescribed-

The “Vaper” should not initiate unless there is a proper knowledge or a procedure being accessed too. So, the professionals will guide you with the right method-

Do not take the “Wax” with bare fingers, as it might spoil the quality of the raw material.

The user should make good use of a tool known as “Dab Tool or Dabber” and then post taking the scoop of “Wax” put it inside the Heating Chamber of the “Vaping Device”.

For the convenience factor, the Vaper could even opt for “Pre-Filled Oil Cartridges”. This is much easier to replace and use it. The “Vaper” just needs to unscrew and drain out the material into the new one.

5)    Using Of the Button Intelligently-

The right methodology of using anything is a must because then the only the correct result will be drawn out. So, once the “vaper” has correctly loaded the Vape pen” then it could be used for “Vaping”.

Now, just keep the “Vape Button” pressed till the time inhaling is going on. If there is no “Vape Button”, then the “Vaper” just needs to follow the guidance of the professionals in inhaling naturally and avoiding “Deep or Long Inhales”.

Varieties of “Vape Pens” like “activation buttons or auto-draw system” is present for the smooth and relaxed “Vaping” for the users. Positive point of this is that a user is not troubled with monitoring of the temperature. As this is easily being carried out through “Temperature-Control Vape Kits”.

The simple way of Vaping is to, first of all, make five clicks and the “Vape Pen” will be “ON” and then repeat five clicks to bring it on the “OFF Mode”. Three Clicks being made in between is to alter the temperature of the “Vape pen”.

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6)    Charged Regularly And Store Correctly-

The user should pay attention to the suggestions being given by the professionals. If you are travelling and love “Vaping” then having a quality form of storage case is a must. It should be in working condition and should not be giving out a bad odour. Most of the “Vape Pen” cases have different compartments or sections for both the pen and the accessories too.

There are some sets of other important factors to be also kept in mind by the “Vaper”.  These are mentioned below:

  • Availability of a spare “Vape Battery” and it should be completely charged-up. This is a secure way of you not running out of power for the “Vaping” purpose.
  • Always think about the type of “Vape Concentrate” to be used. As there is a limit by the “Vape Pens”
  • The user should look for “All-in-one Vaporizers Pens” if the selection of concentrates is of varied form.

7)    Using Disposable Vape Pens In Travelling-

There is an alternate solution for everything and just because of one thing a “Vaper” should not be deprived of “taking a puff from E-Cigarette”. The users can easily make good use of “Disposable Vape Pens”, if they find it a bit inconvenient in recharging the battery, maintaining of “Vape Pen” These form of “Smaller Vape Pens” as mentioned are small in size but do not stop “Vaper” in enjoying. but, other categories of “Vape Pens” lack in this aspect.

The using of “Disposable Vape Pens” does not involve any kind of complications too. Special Features of it is mentioned below:

  • It is one piece units.
  • The battery is of a fixed nature.
  • Heating Chamber is not needed to be extracted.
  • It does not have any “Vape Buttons”

The moment Oil Concentrate is finished then the “vaper” just needs to replace it with a new one. Like this one does not have to leave any fixed type of material behind and also get saved from the “Legal Complications”, if they come into way.


The purpose of writing this article is to make the user of “Vape Pens” to enjoy “Vaping” in a seamless way. Most of the time, we have heard the queries about technical problems and so this 7 point guide will clear all doubts. Readers are welcome to raise queries or comment about the write-up. Our professionals will be keen on answering the queries and resolving all technical difficulties.