Vaping could be dangerous than our Assumptions

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The launching of the E-Cigarettes into the market created a lot of stir in the market. Advertisement campaign for this product was run in such a way, that it is a modern technology that would assist the adult smokers in quitting tobacco cigarette.

As time passed away, there came a big wave in the form of JUUL Vape Device and slowly it had almost taken over of the market completely.

Well, the strange thing that occurred was instead of altering the habit of tobacco smoker, even the non-smokers kick-started vaping. Due to this large number of youth started coming under this gambit.

In Vaping Researchers Contribution to know about Facts

This created a lot of stir in the minds of the researchers and developers as they wanted to actually figure out the reason for this change. A scholar from Mr. Maciej Goniewicz from Rosewell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center in Buffallo, New York had also conducted a research study.

He and some other researchers working on the same topic around the world are inquisitive to know about the cause and effect of this change. Well, the core reason was to know about the impact this would have on their brains and bodies of the youth in the long run. Findings of this study were actually like a shock.

The repercussions of it were far more dangerous in comparison to the ones assumed by us. The body organs like the heart, lungs, and brain were the vital organs that took a lot of toll. In fact, there was some section of the group who thought as this a Vaper could also lead to smoking.

All wise men have said that one should never “throw caution to the wind” and for that little bit of patience is required. If one is having the caliber to read between the lips, then it will be understood that research findings do not say that “Tobacco Cigarettes” in any way is safer in comparison to “E-Cigarettes”. Based on this study a conclusive report by the medical experts is made that Vaping has a much lesser form of harmful effects on the health of the person.

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With these caveats in mind, a researcher told the reporter while interview was in progress. Here’s what they told me.

At the present Time –Interval none of the “Medical Researcher” can make a profound statement that harmful effects of the “Artificial Cigarettes” could be analyzed directly. There is a lot of research and development work to be carried out and some experiments too. It takes a lot of time for having the possibility of concrete results. The subject of this study is young and so after-effects will be seen at the later stages.

One just can’t make a generalized form of explanations for the modernized artificial cigarettes. There are multiple forms of devices and each one of them dispenses a bit different levels of nicotine and so the chemicals used inside the devices.

When keeping this form of idea or query in mind, the researchers were questioned. This is what they had to say –

  • Vaping may be linked to a heightened risk of seizures
  • When you turn on an e-cigarette, then you’re also heating a liquid that contains flavors and other chemicals, and often, nicotine.

Note: – There are certain devices, especially JUUL delivering larger doses of Nicotine. As a matter of fact, one of the liquid pods also gives out a similar percentage of Nicotine, given out through a pack of cigarettes.

According to the regulatory agency like – (Food and Drug Administration) FDA, seizures being caused would be one of the side effects of “Vaping”. The scientists have witnessed a few cases where the deaths have been the direct result of a fluctuation in the brain, as E-Cigarette was used.

FDA has initiated a reporting system and through it, the valuable information from patients, product manufacturers, other health professionals, and selected poison control centers spread across the length and breadth of the country.

Mr. Scott Gottlieb, the head of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had mentioned in a press release that although the number of cases is less one is mainly looking for E-Cigarette users. Then only the real value could be figured out correctly.

A researcher like Mr. Gottlieb had a different set of opinion. He meant that one just can’t bank on the findings of the FDA report. This is all because a clear set of idea just can’t be put on the table in reference to the side-effects caused by modern or artificial cigarettes.

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There is an influx of both the first time users and experienced smokers with an extended form of exposure. One also can’t sideline those people having a history of medical imperfections. Like – seizure diagnosis, and in users of marijuana or amphetamines. The agency also lacked in the fact of providing the root cause of the ailment.

A complete form of isolation of a brand or category of the cigarette information was not kept in a bracketed form. So, a perfect or clear cut assumption of the result could not be displayed.

So the FDA is calling for more investigation into whether there is a connection, and asking doctors and the public to come forward if they know about cases.

In a review of the literature, for the Nature Reviews Cardiology journal, submitted by Benowitz and his co-authors presented the case. While one is not confident about the long-term health results, it’s slightly possible that nicotine in e-cigarettes might contribute to cardiovascular events.

From the above-mentioned reports and assessments conducted by the scholars and other literates in various fields. There is not a single form of script listing out evidence of e-cigarettes being the magnet of bad health.

Having said this, the known cardiovascular effects of nicotine are not hidden. It is from here one can assume the possibility of vaping and its effect on these diseases.


Several recent observational studies have found a link between regular vaping and an increased risk of heart attacks, strokes, and coronary artery disease. The studies don’t prove e-cigarettes cause these conditions.

As a writer one can say that let’s wait and watch for a more detailed and penetrative report about Vaping. Once a clear picture is framed in front, then only an authoritative form of the answer could be stated or declared for the whole world.