Vaping Nicotine: All That You Need to Know

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vaping nicotine

Apart from PG, VG and flavoring, nicotine is the fourth most importantvaping element. And being a vaper you should know all the right ways to use vaping nicotine lashed e-liquids. The post here would certainly bring an insight into the liquid nicotine used in vaping.

What is the Ideal Nicotine Strength for Vaping? 

Nicotine is usually a physically and psychologically addictive ingredient found in varying levels in eliquids. For vapers it’s sold in range of strengths:

  • 3mg (low)
  • 6mg (medium-low)
  • 12mg (medium)
  • 18mg (medium-high)
  • 24mg (high)
  • and even 36mg (very high)

The above values indicate the amount of nicotine per ml of juice.  The question is quite common with vapers. So, we try to bring the best answer possible for the same.

The amount of nicotine to consume depends upon the following factors:


Nicotine feels harsher for some, and the hire the amount you consume it will affect the taste of your liquid. It’s recommended to use low- to medium-strength juice if you feel the taste higher.

Throat Hit:

Most vapers have cravings for high nicotine as it amazes with a powerful throat hit. The only downside with the option is that it varies from person to person. High levels of PG with low nicotine may give different levels of throat hit. The amount of throat hits you seek is a personal choice. Do note- how you optimize your PG/VG and nicotine is your personal choice.

Nicotine Addiction:

In case you’re heavy vaper, you might choose to go for high nicotine intake. However, it’s ultimately your choice how high you would like be on nicotine at a given time.

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Level of Uses:

High nicotine may be a thing to consider if you’re a heavy vaper. However, if you do take a series of puffs one after the other heavy dose of nicotine could cause dizziness and nausea.

Things You Should Aware of While Consuming Nicotine:

As we have already made the point above that try out different nicotine variations to find the right throat hit. However, there are some cautions in particular that you must be aware of during the intake.

Sub-ohm Vaping –

If you’re trying luck at sub ohm vaping, rethink your nicotine level. Vaping from a sub-ohm vape is entirely different from standard vaping. As you tend to inhale more juice in a single hit in this mode of vaping, you usually take in more nicotine. It could lead to the risk of mild nicotine overdose in long run.

Deterioration –

If compared to PG and VG, nicotine degrades a bit more rapidly.  As time pasts, nicotine turns into a yellowy-brown color and take on a peppery, stale odor. So, after a period if you find altered taste and smell, throw the bottle out.


While vaping could be taken as a cessation alternative, it doesn’t mean nicotine is totally harmless. Nicotine is addictive in nature and is classed as moderate-low for physical dependence and moderate-high for psychological dependence.

Impact time:

There have been several researches that proved that impact time both in the case of smoking and vaping depends on a number of circumstances in including metabolism and length of time spent as a smoker or vaper as well as the strength of nicotine consumed.

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