Hookah Accessories

Lovelites brings to its consumers a whole wide range of hookah accessories to aid your hookah smoking experience with designer hookah hose pipes, charcoal, aluminium foils and other accessories that are essentials for hookah smoking.

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Hookah Chillum
Brand : Mya Hookah

Rs116.82 Ex Tax: Rs99.00

Alfandi Hookah Foil
Brand : LoveLites

Rs212.40 Ex Tax: Rs180.00

Hookah Mitti Chillum
Brand : Mya Hookah

Rs177.00 Ex Tax: Rs150.00

Hookah Silicon Chillum
Brand : LoveLites

Rs413.00 Ex Tax: Rs350.00

Hookah Minzari Chillum
Brand : LoveLites

Rs1,416.00 Ex Tax: Rs1,200.00

Hookah Grenade Chillum
Brand : LoveLites

Rs826.00 Ex Tax: Rs700.00

Qehwa Hookah Foil
Brand : LoveLites

Rs236.00 Ex Tax: Rs200.00

Mystique Ice Tip
Brand : Mya Hookah

Rs460.20 Ex Tax: Rs390.00

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