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Innokin is world-leading makers of the best electronic cigarettes and advanced personal vaporizers. Their electronic cigarette range gives smokers true vaping freedom. The vaping kits they produce are technologically advanced and environmentally friendly. iTaste, iClear and CoolFire are their globally recognized e-cig range.

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Prism T18/T22 Coil
Brand : Innokin

Rs1,180.00 Ex Tax: Rs1,000.00

iSub Replaceable Coil
Brand : Innokin

Rs1,475.00 Ex Tax: Rs1,250.00

iSub SS BVC Coil
Brand : Innokin

Rs383.50 Ex Tax: Rs325.00

Prism T20 Coil
Brand : Innokin

Rs999.00 Ex Tax: Rs846.61

Endura T18 Vape Pen
Brand : Innokin

Rs2,489.80 Ex Tax: Rs2,110.00

iSub G Tank
Brand : Innokin

Rs2,714.00 Ex Tax: Rs2,300.00

Endura T22 Vape Kit
Brand : Innokin

Rs3,300.00 Ex Tax: Rs2,796.61

iSub V Tank
Brand : Innokin

Rs2,478.00 Ex Tax: Rs2,100.00

iSub BVC Clapton Coil
Brand : Innokin

Rs354.00 Ex Tax: Rs300.00

Scion Coil
Brand : Innokin

Rs1,097.40 Ex Tax: Rs930.00

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