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  • Mya Big Ice Hookah Pipe

  • Try Mya Hookah's freeze hose, a unique new smoking experience. With the freeze hoses, smoke is chilled as it passes through the hose using a non-toxic water capsule that you simply freeze and slide into the hose handle. This freeze hose comes with 3 Icicles. The Mya Hookah freeze hose offers an incredible, new smoking experience like you've never tried before! The way it works is, you freeze a non-toxic water capsule (icicle) in your freezer and then insert it into the hose handle. Then, when you smoke, smoke is chilled as it passed through the hose. Because this hose has such a long handle, you can insert all three icicles in the black long tube for a chill smoking experience. The hose is 93 inches long and the hose handle from the black tube is 27 inches long.

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