Starbuzz is a globally renowned and reputed manufacturer and the provider of the best quality exotic premiere hookah flavors. The company was founded in 2005. Starbuzz aims at delivering hookah lovers such amazing flavors that taste smooth and sweet while producing larger clouds of smoke. Users can choose from over 100 flavor from its diverse collection. Find here some of the best flavors from its collection.

Apple Americano :

StarBuzz's Apple Americano is likely smoother more dry candy style Hookah flavor. The flavor is a mix of a coffee-candy and juicy sliced apple. While inhaling, it renders a coffee like taste soaked around juicy apple.

Apricot :

This is another distinct flavor from the house of Starbuzz. Apricot hookah flavor is basically a sweetly flavored shisha. Apricot is a very strong flavor that gives a feel like you are using Apricots directly from the store.

Arabian Coffee:

If you're looking at throat hit drenched into Mocha candy, Arabian coffee is a flavor made specially for you. Arabian Coffee hookah flavor is the most preferred flavor from the makers. It tastes like a delicious Mocha candy melting out of the Hookah smoke and passes through your taste buds.

BANANA Flavor:

Starbuzz Banana gives a light smooth smoke of banana candy. The flavor is a light smoking shisha that lasts long and gives hookah enthusiasts a whole new smoking experience. This is the flavor made for those who love banana like mist. The flavor directly comes from the texture of the fruit and gives sweet and soft banana taste.


Going out for a leisure travel for few days, don't miss out Blackberry hookah flavor. A flavor that tastes like a sweet fruit wrapped in a touch of sour flavor. Starbuzz blackberry flavor gives juicy and fresh taste with a light floral, earthy undertone. If you have likings for thick and velvety smoke clouds, StarBuzz BLACKBERRY is for you.

Blue Mist :

Blue Mist is the finest hookah flavor from the house of StarBuzz. This is one of the smoothest flavors you have ever tried. This refined flavor marks the taste of cotton candy and explodes with a thick flavorful smoke.

BlueBerry Grape :

Starbuzz Blueberry Grape is a sweet grape shisha flavor drenched around the tartness of Blueberry shisha. The flavor is a little less juicy with jelly consistency to it. Its aroma is excellent with balanced mix of grape and blueberry. A flavor worth trying.

Candy :

Starbuzz Candy sends taste of bunch of dry candies in your mouth. The flavor is not that terribly sweet but tenders calming undertones of bananas and pineapples. Together they create a surprisingly smokable flavor you will definitely love.


Starbuzz Cherry is another worth trying flavor from Starbuzz. The flavor gives improved and smoother cherry tasting shisha with soaked undertones of the sweet cherry hookah smoke.


Starbuzz Cosmopolitan hookah flavor soaks the the famous Manhattan bar drink and and enlightens your hookah head with thick shisha clouds. Its taste floats a perfect blend of Citrus, Limes mixed with misty kisses of cranberry.

Guava :

Starbuzz Guava is another distinguished flavor from StarBuzz. The flavor offers a sweet tangy hookah flavor for perfect throat hit. This is one of the most popular original smooth flavors that you will certainly love.

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